One of the most popular fish in spinning, as is known, is a pike. Perhaps it is because of its high prevalence in our area – the pike is in almost every river, lake, many anglers fish on a spinning first was just pike or perch. Continue to learn more with: COVID-19 Recovery Plan. Although I think the whole thing in schuchih habits, realizing their time, the angler can not stop, and going on a fishing trip, hoping to luck is not, as in his cunning and superiority over the fish. Where will go for pike? It is possible, Of course, to go, for example, on the Volga, to sit in a boat and tapping the bottom of a heavy weighted in search of wells that are so fond of the pike. And you can follow my favorite way – straight into the woods, where no large rivers find their way with difficulty among the dense trees. That’s where it will begin a hunt. Once we collect the gear and trailer suitable bait, which I personally choose for your “taste”, his eyes immediately begin to look for a creek or a snag. Here it is appropriate Location: once upon a time, unable to withstand water pressure or a strong gust of wind, mud-covered tree is not blowing over in the creek. For some, unknown to science, fishing sense dictates – “There’s a fish! She sits in ambush sheltered under that branch. ” Throws spinning – is empty. But no, we are confident that there is a pike!