Wild West Jeans

The twin brothers Dean and Dan Caton grew up in Canada, but in 1991 a passionate desire to make a fashion led them to Milan. His debut men’s collection they presented three years later and were immediately noticed the press and representatives of fashionable society. Bold and wild mix of American practicality with a touch of Italian extravagance soon found its first star fans – that Madonna has ordered Dsquared wardrobe for his next music video – famous great jeans and a shirt in the style of the Wild West. Colonscopy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Inspired by this success, in February 2003 and the brothers showed their first women’s collection, items from which instantly fell into the category of must-have. Key favorites in each collection, Dsquared, of course, are jeans, belts with big buckles, bright colors and bold silhouettes. By the way, Dsquared jeans with low waist frankly have become so popular that changed the understanding of how to look like the perfect jeans, and shirts in a large square from a recent collection relished the many fashion-guru..