Child Education Games

The professor can adapt the content programmarian to the game. For example: if the proposal of the game is for the arithmethic table, the professor can use same the proposal for the four mathematical operations, or, for trainings still ortogrfico, and so on. Each considered game will have: the description of necessary material; suggestions for the confection and it to be worked content, involving the areas; motor, affective cognitiva and, indication of the etria band; indication of groups and elements for group. For the child, the game is the exercise, is the preparation for the adult life. It learns playing. It is the exercise makes that it to develop its potentialities. The educators if had worried during many years about the education methods, and today he only has the concern of as the child learns. The most varied methodologies they can be inefficacious if they will not be adjusted to the way to learn of the child. Already many benefits of certain games are known. It is important, however, that the educator, when using a game, has defined the objectives to reach and knows to choose the adequate game to the educative moment. While the child, simply playing, incorporates values, concepts and contents. The presented games are, in its great majority, classic games or pastimes already sufficiently used. But most important it is the study made on the exploitation of the games at the educative moment, exploring to the maximum this moment with knowledge of the purposes of each game. The proposal is to go beyond the game, of the act to play, for the act to anticipate, to prepare and to confection the proper game before playing it, extending in this manner to the capacity of the game in itself has other objectives, as Prophylaxis, exercises, development of abilities and potentialities and also in the therapy of specific riots of learning.


The existing programs in the PSFs are: Sisvan (accompaniment of the growth and infantile development); Gestante (where the gestantes receive special attention and cares during its gestacional period) ; Tuberculose and Hansenase (where the disgnostic and supplied the remedies the treatment are made); Hipertenso (where the professionals of the health measure the pressure of the hipertensos and still they supply the remedies); Vaccine (with campaigns that is carried through for prevention of illnesses); Siscolo – (preventive of cancer of breast and the col of the uterus); Buccal health (stimulating escovao in the schools and supplying dentists to assist in dental treatments) and mental Health (supplying accompaniment with psychologists) (verbal information) . Beyond the cited programs above the PSFs also develops projects on: Alcohol (showing that this drug can bring many problems for the families, and that the people if become, many times, dependents of it); Drugs (showing that this ' ' mundo' ' it is not good and that it finishes taking the people to the death); Healthful feeding (that sample that we can feeding in them well and of more healthful form, without exageros) and Obesidade (that sample that the obesidade is growing each time more in Brazil and that it can bring many problems for the population) (verbal information) . Most important, it is the existence of the prevention, where campaigns are made, as for example, of vaccination, affection, influenza, papanicolau; lectures on infantile violence, domestic violence, infantile work, AIDS, tuberculosis and others; showing that it is necessary to prevent the illnesses by means of individualizado accompaniment, and not only it is enough to diagnosis the problem, that is, it is better to prevent of what being sick. (informal verbal) According to Lines of direction of the NASF-2010 the PSFs count on the Nucleus of Support to the Health of Famlia (NASF) by means of Portaria n154, of 24 of January of 2008, being ' ' the NASF consisting of one has equipped, of different areas of knowledge that act in set with the professionals of the teams of Health of the Family, sharing and supporting the practical ones in health in the territories under responsibility of the teams of Health of the Famlia' ' The NASF is composed of nine strategical areas.