The Right Breakfast

The basis for your well-being, FItness and last but not least your character breakfast the gourmets among us hear this word and immediately connect it to a coffee house or a breakfast restaurant. With dropped calls and the scent of freshly baked buns, the taste of juicy Buttercroissant and creamy latte Machiatto. Also in the everyday life of appetite and the rumbling stomach lure them, if it must be too early in the morning in the kitchen. You need to start the day jam bread or your crunchy cereal. For anti – unthinkable with them stomach laces to immediately early Santos is, for her, breakfast is a horror. They get down in the morning a bite, let alone that they have the time and inclination for it, to prepare one. Maybe they drag their weary limbs to the coffee machine, because that is the only thing halfway brings them to the legs. And then there are still the coffee-to-go – group. On the way to work fast on the bakers shop over a documented, Rolls or a pretzel, a cup of coffee in the Cup and on goes the journey. The calendar is full, there is no time to waste. Shame really, because the digestive organs are most active between 7 a.m. and 9:00 in the morning. It provides (woman) in this time valuable food, so can the body of this and many times better exploit as for example in the late afternoon or cooking evening. In the morning you shall eat like a King”, is therefore a very wise saying. Fatigue and tiredness sweet cravings in the afternoon related often cravings in the evening stomach pressure and discomfort to an unfavourable or inadequate breakfast. Neither the typical jam bread and coffee “still snow cereals help that our well-being is increased. On the contrary, it charged our digestive system and cost much energy to the body rather than deliver it to him. Cooked cereal or whole grain are much better suited. Spelt flakes, oats, millet, rice semolina, coarse or fine, the Selection is huge. They are easy and quick to prepare, and contain valuable ingredients. Sweetened with dried fruit or Zurek as vitamin suppliers, and with honey or Agave syrup, they spoil our palates and awaken your spirits. Nuts and seeds round off the Court, deliver healthy fats and ensure a long-lasting saturation. Also for the salty/savory types, there are great alternatives. A homemade avocado cream, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, or a restorative chicken broth keep fit and healthy in the long term. Check it out yourself!