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What is important to us? Why are creative professionals not understood? Some people who practice a day job to cover their fixed costs, there is the inner motivation and joy isn’t in the foreground. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may find this interesting as well. Also the security that money in the account is most important at the end of the month, is to many. However, people who have been self-employed in the creative sector (musician, designer, writer, artist, actor, arts and crafts and and), tick usually differently. Here is the passion for what these people do in the first place and not the efficiency of their work. Many writers such as Chuck Carroll offer more in-depth analysis. And that they not be understood for the most part by the company. Therefore it is not easy for many creative professionals about defeats to talk: after each failure it questioned whether the path on which it has embarked, is the correct and socially considered a creative must contend in the always stiff growing environment. Sometimes, it’s a roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions. Can you live because of them? To earn enough money Thus? Oh, again an artist who has made himself independent to do independently with something crazy that can not well go!” Everything that does not fit into our social frame is negative and is degraded. But it is not just the creative industries that bring us color in our lives? Are not just these individuals that make our life more diverse? Should we not be thankful, that we have access to such people, who unlike tick and not run with the crowd? Not such personalities have changed our world and improved? Whatever happened to a little foresight in our capitalist society? Instead of judging and devalue, we should question why and how a person has chosen this path. What qualifications does he have and what for a specialist knowledge do you need to? Being creative is also a gift and not a given. If it is not for the money but there listens to the sense it on many with understanding. In the short Life time traces these people and want to amass money. Money is a necessity and nothing more! An incredibly gifted artist has explained it so to me. When I, after years that have found and created, I cried. It was like a birth…” This strong binding is a part of life and life to their work, for many. I have respect for people who have but the courage and the strength and become self-employed in the creative industry. We should change our way of thinking, and be aware that we should not condemn these people, but understand and support. These clumsy comments least need the creative professionals. First think, then works easier with the understanding also.

Handel Hall In

Each surrounded Feston-bearing putti and floral leaf decoration elements of two. These are the only winged cherubs. Their wings are made of small Trapezes with two round holes. The four corner single-storey small halls adjacent to the Ballroom are named after the respective represented musicians. Handel Hall, Mozart Hall and Bach. The kitchen is housed in the unnamed greeting Hall. In the Mozart room, tables and chairs are deposited. The Brook Hall (39 m, 5 m height) serves as a dressing room. Who is the image program, is not tradition. Around 1780 as pictures room initiated by license, the image program on the use of a planned concert hall can be closed. Handel Hall: Good Soerser Hochkrichen by Gagini large and 5 m high Handel Hall In the 36 m is located Gaginis relief “Good Soerser Hochkirchen” in stucco. It has the format: 2,80 m height and 2.68 m width. People such as ENT would likely agree. The page festoons measure frame width 0.60 m and height of 2.80 m. A comparison with Hans King photograph shows that Gaginis factory was originally higher, amounting to an estimated 3 m height. The front lower fence between the viewer and the image is significantly shortened. The appearance looks like a snapshot. On the Court, the day awakes. Everything is in constant employment. Gagini chose the view of supervision for the representation. A maid in the direction of the observer is on the main road, the tree-lined Avenue. She carries a basket on her head. On the right side, the farmer with two horses ploughing the field. On the other side of the tree-lined Avenue Gagini again gave a umhegtes area of a well-kept garden architecture in varying supervision, to a low building joins, grazing behind a bull, a cow and a pig between some trees. The pig see his trunk has the same size as the cattle. The herd of pigs crashes out of the stall.

Media Power Plant Supports The Photographer Marcus Hofmann

Euskirchener company produced special art prints for the photo exhibition of Eifeler photographers from the 02. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Fiber Optics on most websites. 30 finds the photo art exhibition of flower power”held in the Gallery of Ralph Schiever. Here visitors can experience the recordings by Marcus Hofmann. The photographer always manages its motifs of flora and fauna in unusual perspectives to represent. Due to the interplay of light and shadow and the intense colours staged Hanson alienates the motifs and makes everyday in a whole new light. All photographs of the exhibition are considered art prints. The Euskirchener advertising company media power was entrusted with the production of these prints. For over 15 years, here advertising concepts developed and manufactured trade fairs and promotion needs. A State of the art machine park with high-tech equipment for printing and cutting is located in the company’s own Productioncenter. Just for art prints, it is particularly important that the color scheme is one hundred percent correct. The smallest change or Irregularity would alter the effect of the image”, Markus Maier Schambeck explains, we can print absolutely realistically and colorfast pictures Managing Director of media power, thanks to the modern technology of our printing presses.” Who visited Hofmann’s exhibition notes that the photographs not on conventional canvas are presented, but were printed for the exhibition mainly on acrylic glass. Gives an exceptional depth of field recordings and the colors shine even more intensively. The pressure on acrylic glass is just one of the many ways to the realization of art prints. The media power plant used as motive carriers also aluminium, foam and canvas. The suitable material is selected for each shot to get the best out of the picture with the correct presentation.

Small Presentation

Artistic theme offer for visitors of presents the painter and author Elke Reihl at her online gallery a large selection of their own works. On the one hand addressed KunstliebhaberInnen for high quality abstract art. The artist provides many pictures in acrylic on canvas, relief-like structured and often split. Your own style is also very evident in the frequent use of the color of gold. The exclusivity of the artist pictures is also accompanied by the setting of the artist by she opposes a naming of their images, because she want to leave their own freedom of interpretation each viewer. A further style of the artist are pop art portraits, the they both offered unique on canvas and paper, as well as commissioned work. Here, too, a clear recognition of their hands writing through the use of mixed media shows up to the air-brush on canvas. Also has dedicated the painter himself in addition of digital art and offers in this Genre a variety of motifs. The range kind collages of famous persons, such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Barack Obama from abstract via pop to star. To purchase of their digital art, an art print shop is the customer on their site available. This makes it possible to get art prints at uniquely low prices and in various designs and sizes. Thus, the art gallery offers a range for every budget, which stands out from the mass market and is therefore to be recommended for everyone who places value on the individual beautification of its rooms. On the home page at you can see the entire artistic works of the painter Elke Reihl, get more detailed information and it is a direct related links to the art-print-shop available. Udo’s houses

Karen Middleton

With Selina Fenech on board proves the young Kunstverlag once again be sense for exceptional artists and has in addition to numerous topics in the fantasy area with artists such as Hans Peter Kolb, dolphins DreamDesign, Soanala, Goor, Karen Middleton nose front. Of course here also fantasy and Gothic – publishing software by Anne finds herself Stokes and Victoria Frances. I want to live my life as if it were a fairy tale, and I want that my images just as other people feel. I love it when my fairies all the magical memories and feelings for adventures from childhood by people of all ages revive. I hope that these people will make again new memories and dreams.” Selina Fenech but all fairy tales have always a villain, a curse, a conflict to overcome. Shortly after her 26th birthday, cancer was diagnosed with Selina. Fortunately, her prognosis was good. Her cancer was detected early and is assumed to have completely removed him. But the treatment and the healing process of this life-changing event were indeed very debilitating and called off during this period major changes her body, her mind and her art. Ultimately, it is their hope that cannot be forwarded something from this trip, the strength and the magic on those who share their art and magic dreams with her. Scroll BBs in Selina fairytale images of angels and elves, mermaids and unicorns, dragons and goddess and let tear themselves with in the fantastic worlds in Selina BBs imagination! Poster lounge presents 37 mostly portrait posters and canvases by Selina Fenech, gives you a fairy insight into their work and shares the enthusiasm for fantasy art with fans from all over the world with the exclusive publication of their works as a wall decoration. Mandy Reinmuth.