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Was Cosentino Award with the NKBA President s 2010 for ongoing commitment for kitchens? and bath experts in the United States. Cantoria, May 24, 2011. The Cosentino group, world leader in the production and distribution of quartz? and was natural stone surfaces, of the American National kitchen & bath Association (NKBA) with the NKBA President’s award 2010. Every year he awarded President’s award to a member firm of the NKBA, that has been done by special use for the Association and for the industry as a whole which. The company has been for his ongoing commitment to kitchens? and bath experts both local and awarded at the national level in the United States. While the KBIS handed over show in Las Vegas Mark L. Karas, Chairman of the NKBA, the President’s award to Eduardo Martinez?Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino Group North America. After more than 15 years in the United States, the Cosentino group has a large presence on this market. The multinational company has over 13 Cosentino Center, eight main?Sales partners and 14 processing factories. Approximately 5,000 Cosentino the Cosentino group currently supplies kitchens? and bath Studios, the five largest furniture retailer in the United States (Home Depot, Lowe’s, direct buy, etc.) and works with over 6,000 architects at the national level. Over the next three years will the expansion of the Cosentino group in the US be?Focus market. Fourteen new Cosentino Center be opened in addition to the existing thirteen centers. End of 2013, there will be 27 Cosentino Center on the North American market as a whole. The Cosentino group is currently the Cosentino group in more than 50 countries represented, maintains 6 works, 14 stone quarries and 17 processing plants (United States). At the headquarters in Macael (Almeria), directs and manages the company and international branch offices: Cosentino Belgium Cosentino, Cosentino Germany, Cosentino France, Cosentino Ireland, Cosentino Italy, Cosentino Mexico, Cosentino Netherlands, Cosentino North America, Cosentino Austria, Cosentino Portugal, Cosentino Switzerland, Cosentino Scandinavia and Cosentino UK. Almost 70% of the turnover is generated on international markets.

PCI Augsburg GmbH

Stoneware and porcelain stoneware coverings quickly and comfortably equipped with Nano line PCI Augsburg GmbH has for more than 10 years a proven product line in the program, which is ideal thanks to innovative cementitious mortar technology for laying of tiles surfaces with a high optical standard. Now for the first time, at this year’s BAU in Munich, the company introduces the newest member of the product line for the jointing in particular of porcelain stoneware and porcelain stoneware surfaces in indoor and outdoor. PCI Nanofug premium belongs to a new generation of intelligent products by PCI. Special: He combines processing comfort with many positive features for fabricators and builders. And in 17 brilliant color and a fine, functional interface that requires significantly less cleaning effort thanks to easy-to-clean effect. With PCI Nanofug premium we take into account the requirements of tendencies in the materials currently available in the market”, explains Thorsten Leppler, PCI product manager Fliesenverlege materials. The Cleveland Clinic might disagree with that approach. Stoneware asserts itself more and more. And not only on the ground. So that it can continue when unfavorable temperature or time-distressed working at this non-absorbent material with an extremely low water absorption, quickly, the practice demands more and more fast-setting systems. The comfortable processing profile should not suffer the speed but. The task is difficult but not insurmountable: the result is PCI Nanofug premium. “By the way: Nanofug premium is a genuine all-rounder, which is ideally suited for coloration-resistant natural stone such as its sister product PCI Nanofug”. The highlight: The comfortable processing profile. So is the grout for joints suitable from 1 to 10 mm, offers a moderate processing time of 40 minutes for processors and allows himself thanks to fine and supple consistency particularly easy in the joint work. Furthermore, scores the grout with a quick down binding behavior and at the same time comfortable washing time window.