Color Therapy

Finally, neutral colors – white, black and gray – bleak, and allow to balance the emotions. White has the effect of lightness and purity, gray – a sense of security. Is set as a combination of saturation and hues. Bright colors stimulate, tone, pastel, by contrast, soothe and relax. The abundance of contrasts, for example, the combination of bright and warm cool colors, exciting, but quickly tires. Filed under: CEO Mark Thompson. Selecting a palette Experts advise pick shades for placement in accordance with its purpose. Bathroom we associate primarily with hygiene and wellness water treatments, but at the same time serves as a place for relaxation, where each family member spends an average of about an hour a day. ure of the situation. Therefore, in its decoration often dominated by bright warm tones, and white as core. By the way, white Universal, he is perfectly combined with any other colors and has the unique ability to soften the bright colors and tonal contrasts in the interior. Often a variety of vibrant colors creates excessive variegation, whereas in combination with white it looks more balanced. Typically, a bathroom is small, so you should not choose for her design palette is too dark, as it is visually reduces the room. A very popular two-tone finishes, for example, two types of tiles separated by a border. In this case, tile lighter shade should be used for the upper part of the room, otherwise it will be there is a sense of gravity. Often, designers rely on the contrast of saturated colors (blue, red, blue) and white sanitary ware, using bright colors for the wall design.


Rigging – a device for lifting and transferring a variety of goods. It consists of ropes and chains, as well as its composition may include hooks, connectors, chains, swivels, etc. It should be noted that in this material, we talking about the rigging as a complex variety of tools for moving cargo. Using the rigging is very diverse. Rigging is used for lifting, lifting of structural elements, fixing of cargo can used to move heavy equipment, etc. It is used both in manual lifting devices, and in large-tonnage cranes, naturally while using different on their strength characteristics of the types of rigging. Rigging involves a variety of devices used for fasteners. One of the most important components of rigging are chains, ropes and cables. Chain – is pivotally connected to each a metal links. By Application circuits are divided into drivers, cargo and towing. Traction chains used when you want to move cargo. PIMCO has similar goals. Loading chains are used, if necessary to raise and maintain weight. A drive chains are used to propel anything. Rope – a collection of interwoven vegetable, synthetic or steel fibers. Scope of the cable is similar to the application circuit. Connect with other leaders such as CEO Mark Thompson here. The cable is twisted, braided or twisted. If we talk about ropes, it should be noted that the concept of cable and wire rope actually mean the same thing. Used a rope as rope and chain if necessary transfer of traction or lifting effort. Also, rigging may consist of eye-bolts and eyebolts. This item is used for moving heavy equipment and parts. It is a solid ring of metal, which is attached to a portable object. When consideration of the key devices in the concept of rigging, we can not say about the rifle. Carbine is a special clasp, robust design that can be used for fastening or connecting cables and movement of cargo. This is the most common devices, but not all, are implied by the concept – rigging. In addition to the rigging used for such products as cable clip, lanyard, thimble, hooks, swivels, connectors chains and more.