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Skin Cancer In Cats

Feline cancer is a serious condition that the owners of cats have to be cautious. This is a condition which spreads throughout the body and can be fatal in most cases. The quick spread of the disease makes little effective treatment and therefore the chances of recovery are low. This extension process, called metastasis, is one of the primary reasons behind the early cancer death. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is also the most common organ that can develop carcinoma. Known skin cancer is a general classification of various types of tumors which would include any uncontrolled growth of cells: * the skin. * Skin glands. * Hair follicles. * Fatty and connective tissue support. Metastasis occurring in the skin as a result of Cancer elsewhere in the body is not called as skin cancer because it originates in another part. In cats, skin cancer is especially possible in older cats between 6 and 14 years of age. Known behind skin cancer causes are: * light or white Color of the skin. * Excessive exposure to the sun light. * Feline immunodeficiency (IVF) virus. * Genetic. skin cancers appear mainly as lumps under the skin or lesions that do not heal. This often leads to abnormal behaviors such as scratching or chewing of the affected area. Cancer of squamous cell, a type of skin cancer, often leads to the redness of the area and a crispy skin. The detection of skin cancer is relatively easier with regard to other cancers because the symptoms are easily visible. For example, looking for symptoms of the liver cancer in dogs and cats, is a tedious process of acute observation to identify multiple symptoms. The regular examination of the skin needs to be done for your cat to be able to note certain samples such as: * tumors or lumps under the skin. * Defects, scaly areas or change in color. * The progress of the above changes noted above. Changes of color and uneven areas in the cat eyelids, lips and inside the mouth. Preparation with a fine tooth comb and an occasional massage helps in being able to catch the abnormality immediately. Diagnosis involves laboratory examinations: * aspirate of the tumor. * A cut piece of the tumor. * Blood and urine. * X-rays to determine whether metastasis has occurred. If your cat is white in color or a white nose and ears, you can minimize the risk protecting the cat against sunlight.