The Mpios

10. It hears, son mine, and accepted my words, and the years of your life will be multiplied. 11. In the way of the wisdom I taught to you, and for trails I made you to straightness to walk. Read more here: Cancer Research. 12. For them walking, your steps will not be embarrassed; if to run you will not stumble. 13. The instruction becomes attached you it and you do not release it; it keeps it, because it is your life. Cancer Research UK: the source for more info. 14. You do not enter for the trail of the mpios, nor you walk in the way of the bad ones. 15. It prevents it; not passes for it; it deviates you of it and it passes of plaza. 16. Therefore they do not sleep, if not to make badly, and runs away from them sleep if not to make somebody to stumble. 17. Because they eat the bread of the impiedade, and drink the wine of the violence. 18. But the trail of the right ones is as the light of the dawn, that more goes shining more and until being perfect day. 19. The way of the mpios is as the blackout; nor they know where they stumble. 20. Son mine, intent for my words; to my reasons he inclines your ear. 21. You do not leave them to separate itself of your eyes; it keeps them in the soul of your heart. 22. Because they are life for they find that them, and health for all its body. 23. Above all what if it must keep, keeps your heart, because from it the sources of the life proceed. 24. It deviates from you the falseness of the mouth, and moves away from you the perversity of the lips. 25. Your eyes look at onward, and your eyelids look at direct ahead of you. 26. It ponders the trail of your feet, and all your ways well are commanded! 27.