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There are many various advertising techniques. However, some of them work and what does not, we will try to find out. We first give a definition of the very concept of "advertising". Check with Pfizer vaccine to learn more. Advertising – it is at least as expressed by the information that is heard by all available means to target customers in order to raise demand for goods, services or any other product and promote it on the market. Consider the standard for all of us the situation. You come into the store, say, for any of the personal care products. Shelf or rack the same machine as the group you choose products, just hurt your eyes in a huge assortment of brands, including many you are not familiar. That you take known or advertised brand is quite unknown to you the goods? Alone is not enough information on the packaging. You can print anything you want, and not exactly what it would be untrue. So, we came to the most important moment for what is needed and advertising, it acts on the choice of any one of us. You take those goods that you know at least from the title. Maybe you saw his advertisement in the subway, on the street, on tv or you once telling me about this brand promoter in the store. It goes without saying that advertising is absolutely no guarantee of quality you purchased the brand. But the fact that the product is recognizable, is often heard at all, to stand Finance his promotion had already said that the producer wants to bring you valuable information to convince you of high quality products and gain your attention and for the future.

Market Research Of Available Advertising

Modern advertising industry provides companies with a wide range of advertising services to suit every taste and color. This is television advertising, press advertising, radio advertising and online advertising, brochures, leaflets, magazines, banners and streamers and this is not an exhaustive list. But let's talk about the budget. Agree, the issue is important, because not every company can afford to order a commercial on the federal channel, and radio ads – the pleasure is not for everyone. What kind of choice is a small and medium-sized businesses? Options are not many, but they are. Recently, a large popular Internet advertising. If you are not convinced, visit Killeen Nutritionist. Or rather, the worst of its manifestation – spam. Who has not faced with spam? Each of us several times a day, without opening, sends a letter to cart obscure organizations with themes business proposal, only for us, discounts, etc. According to the forecast the company MessageLabs, to 2008 was one of the ten letters that arrive by e-mail will be infected by a virus, but by 2013 the virus remains doedyat Internet as a virus will have every second letter. You can order the distribution of advertising leaflets or distribute ads on pillars, doorways, bus stops. But in the first case, the people most likely to throw them imposed flyer into the nearest trash, in the second, they frustrate the caretaker. The cost of each pasted leaflets will be about 3 rubles (1,5 for the announcement and 1.5 immediately after posting). Among the variety available, but not always effective, advertising stands out is relatively new for Russian business direction – advertising on business cards. With such an original suggestion – use a regular user as a separate advertising media advertising market in Moscow came several companies. In some places the stands not only for petrol stations, shopping centers and restaurants, but also in small and medium business such as: beauty salons, medical, dental clinics, childcare centers – wherever there is a large level of traffic. And experience shows that if people took the business card, then sooner or later he will take advantage of it. The average efficiency of such advertising 5-10 new clients per month from 1 rented booth. There is another option – to give notice in a newspaper and wait for the call of who among all the ads will be able to find yours. Cost inline ads in the newspaper on an average of 600 rubles. The effectiveness of a single black line questionable, and the cost of the advertising module from 2000 rubles. And this is the price for the week. Distinguish between cost-effectiveness of advertising and the effectiveness of the psychological impact of advertising on the individual human consciousness (To attract attention to advertising, fixing in the memory, etc.). And the psychological impact is most effective if it leads to potential consumers to purchase. Thus, economic effectiveness of advertising depends on its psychological impact. The effectiveness of promotional or individual advertising medium can be expressed by number of customers affected by advertising, as well as the magnitude of the costs of One viewer, reader, etc. Therefore, each manager can choose the most suitable option for your budget.