Sun Beach

An apartment offers for holidays in Cuxhaven at the North of the city of Cuxhaven with its 11 electoral, just when renting an apartment themselves, plenty of variety and a high quality of life in the holiday. Beautiful beaches, the previous Wadden Sea, beach chairs, and children playing in the sand – a holiday apartment in Cuxhaven offers everything the vacationer needs! The North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven-Duhnen for example is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Germany. Duhnen has much to offer its guests, fine sandy beach, the Wadden Sea, a wave pool and Thalasso Centre with all possible facilities, as well as a small, pretty town centre with a newly landscaped promenade that invites you to stroll. Holiday rentals in Cuxhaven and in particular in Duhnen, can be found in all price ranges. Luxurious, with sauna, pool and all possible facilities in the House, but also the low-cost apartment for the whole family.

Also many maritime attractions offer tourists who take advantage of a holiday apartment in Cuxhaven. Unless the so-called “Old love” at the port, an observation deck, from which can be seen the big passing ships. Or the two vessels, expiring every day on the offshore island of Helgoland, once a faster catamarans and once the slightly slower seaside resort Atlantis”! And apartments can be rented not only in Cuxhaven, but also on Heligoland. In addition to the kilometre-long sand and green beaches, many events in Cuxhaven held spread over the whole year, of course. The well-known music events in the Spa parts, guided mudflat hikings, and even a horse race in the Watts, Duhner wattage race”. Cuxhaven is the tourist resort on the North Sea for the holidaymaker, who has decided for an apartment!