If the time for acceptance Goods will be inconsistencies gross mass weight of the individual sites listed in the vehicle or accompanying documents or on the template, the opening of packaging, in such cases should not be made. Simultaneously with the suspension of acceptance of the recipient must call to participate in its continuation and compilation of bilateral act of the shipper or manufacturer's representative (if the goods are received in undamaged packaging manufacturer other than the sender). In this case, call a representative odnogorodnego sender (producer) is mandatory, and non-resident – if it is stipulated in the contract. Notice to appear representative must be sent or communicated (by telephone, telegraph, etc.) no later than 24 hours, and for perishable products – immediately after the discovery of shortage, unless other terms are established by the contract. Frequently ALS has said that publicly. No later than The day after receiving a call recipient from out of town by the sender (the manufacturer) is obliged to inform him (by telephone, telegraph, etc.), whether they sent a representative to participate in verifying the quantity of goods.

Odnogorodnego representative of the sender (producer) must arrive no later than next day after receiving a call, if it does not indicate a date to appear, and on perishable goods – within 4 h after receiving call. Non-resident representative of the sender (producer) must arrive no later than three days after receiving the call, not counting the time needed to travel, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. The representative of the shipper (manufacturer) can take part in the acceptance only in the presence of his identity, giving that right.