Psychology Thesis And Hypothesis

CONCLUSIONS Finish my study with the publication of a thesis-hypothesis about the behavior of man as an individual, influenced or induced by numerous chemical reactions in the brain is risky and not without controversy because this server is not medical or scientific'm just observer and the echo observation capacity to begin an investigation of certain human behaviors. Some / as of you / You will be able struck out as deluded or even try to give reasoning to certain acts of the individual with a social vision, unfortunately, are beyond human nature. The question would be rushing all the human acts are within human nature?. Hear from experts in the field like Dexa scan for a more varied view. My answer yes! outright. The human brain has the natural ability to create our mental balance, uncontrolled, is another sly ability to create parallel realities and exploited the individual human conditioned on such lack of balance and have acted in an irrational, disproportionate and causing rush savage and cruel acts . All behavior that ends in an effect must have a beginning or trigger in the brain.

The real investigation would anticipate these early and avoid the individual wrongdoing undertaken. This could prevent and treat the effects not to occur again. The brain has been investigated over decades, but even today in the XXI century we are very far to find explanation for certain behaviors of the human brain. Whenever an individual not commit acts against nature, do not suffer any brain abnormality. Since this space advocate who can do more assessements and medical studies to analyze evidence radiodiagnostic has happened in the brain to induce the individual to commit murder, sexual assault and even extrapolate to various addictions. .