Psychological Analysis

ANALYSIS psychological of the film level 13 during (or before, that is not clear) one of those visits Fuller makes a surprising discovery and before being able to reveal it is killed. When the investigations begin, detective Larry McBain is about to consider it as the result of a fortuitous robbery, until the circumstances point to Douglas Hall, the most direct collaborator of Fuller, as the main suspect. From there police inquiry, beautiful unknown appearance, travel of round-trip simulation, and terrible revelations that leave others speechless by surprise. Rather leverages the possibilities of the two alternative realities to tell an interesting detective story. After the death of a business Tycoon named Hannon Fuller, his friend Douglas Hall is introduced into a maelstrom of crime to discover that Fuller had been a dangerous double life in two parallel worlds, one in 1937 and another in the present year 2024. Educate yourself with thoughts from Professor Roy Taylor. The more immediate references were THE GAME, DARK CITY and the MATRIX, (in addition to other examples of television as the SHOW of TRUMAN or PLEASANTVILLE genre) and now this level 13, comes to us with many fewer claims than the previous two. Based on Daniel. F.

Galouye novel simulation 3, has been fairly criticized in USA for their similarities with MATRIX, undoubtedly best 1999 science fiction film. Virtual realities, parallel worlds, computers, etc. All this constitutes the universe created in level 13 but further Relativizing the perception of reality. The world is a simulation or something artificially constructed seems inescapable to do a review of the other realizations, even of better production than her, because they take as a central ontological connotations what is reality, how the world is built? and the simulation as an experiment. Since then for my (or film) is a new topic only is framed in the virtual, imaginary space as well as presenting the theme of a simulated reality and a protagonist who becomes aware of This fact and choose the option of rebelling.