OVO Soup

It tempers with oil and it puts more salt, if to need. As variation, it also adds perforated cucumber, or cozidas carrots or, still, eggs cooked and perforated. MOVED TOFU Ingredients: 500 hard g of tofu (enriched with calcium), 2colheres of vegetal oil tea, 2 spoons of tea of tamari, vegetarian gravy of soy oucaldo, Options of the gourmet (it includes one or all, the taste), 1 spoon desopa of flakes of I leaven nutricional, 2 soup spoons of verdepicada chive, xcara of sliced mushrooms, 1 tooth of perforated great garlic, 2colheres of soup of pricked cool parsley. Way to make: The water of tofu drains all. In heavy umafrigideira or of iron, refogue the vegetables in the oil. More information is housed here: muscular biopsy. It adds tofu, omolho of tamari and the temperos.

It moves with the yoke. It cooks in average fire for 2 the 3 minutes. It sprinkles salsae serves immediately. Three portions (1/2 xcara each). GOOD APPETITE! PRESCRIPTIONS OVO-LACTO-VEGETARIANAS ALMNDEGAS OF OATS AND CARROT Ingredients: 1 xcara of raw oats, 1 xcara decenoura ralada I finish, xcara of thread flour, xcara of flour detrigo, 2 soup spoons of ralado cheese, I smell perforated green, basil, salt, flour of thread. Way to make: It mixes all the ingredients and faapequenas almndegas and bakes in dipped in grease form.

After baked, it cooks in molhoralo of tomatoe per 15 minutes. ALMNDEGAS OF CHESTNUT – OF – PAR Ingredients: 1 xcara of flour chestnut-do-Par pricked, 2copos of bread, garlic, organo, 1 egg, 1 spoon of flour soup detrigo, xcara of olives. Way To prepare: It has beaten the clear one in snow. Acrescentea egg yolk, the flour, the chestnut, garlic, organo and olives. Deazeite of oliva puts a little. It makes cookies and it has led to bake. Detomate makes a flavorful gravy and places almndegas to cook per 5 minutes.