New Infrared Cabin Model Austria Now At And Available

New infrared cabin model Austria now at available Salzgitter, 10 January 2014 – In the shop of the Juskys Gruppe GmbH – is available at the beginning of the new year a new infrared cabin model. In this context, the newly available model provided Austria with an attractive discount. The infrared cabins and cabins of especially in the wet and cold times of the year offer a perfect oasis for your own four walls. The infrared cabin Austria models are available in a version with ceramic heaters and a version with space heaters. The models are all equipped with the popular LED color light therapy and have a digital control unit. With this, temperature settings, as well as a timer function can be use. ALS Act insists that this is the case. The infrared cabins are manufactured of from high quality hemlock hardwood, which ensures an above-average life of cabins. Another technical highlight is the integrated hi-fi system, which play CDs and listening to radio stations during the Cabin class allows.

Also, the models of the infrared cabin of Austria with an Ionizer are equipped with disinfection and aroma therapy and have a harmonious interior and exterior lighting. The default installed fresh air supply ensures a pleasant feeling of air in the cabin. To keep the cabin aisle equally comfortable and pleasant during the entire time, ergonomic back rests used in many infrared cabins and cabins from Building some infrared cabins can be seen easily on the YouTube channel of There placed videos the complete structure is easily traceable in addition to many information on the presented models of the cabin. The videos are a perfect complement to the enclosed Assembly instructions the actual mass of the cabins provide a good overview. The heating panels installed in some infrared cabins are ideal for regeneration and relaxation.

Healthy and safe heat of the spotlight lies in the Infrared C range and is emitted by lamps with a life expectancy of more than 20 years. The models with built-in ceramic heaters are ideal for therapy purposes. The intense spotlight, that have a heating time from 10 to 15 minutes, provide an effective treatment option. the Juskys Gruppe GmbH offers a wide range of infrared cabins your customers for over 5 years. The range of includes infrared cabins cabins in a variety of different sizes, from small one man up out to XXL heat cabins for up to 6 people. Many commercial customers include individuals among the customers of Many hotels, gyms, or even wellness resorts put on the infrared cabins as well as physical therapy or rehabilitation centres. Individual cabins with special dimensions are made to the over 50 models available on request.