Natural Skin Remedies

Spots on the face (Melasma or Chloasma) are alterations in the skin color of the face, usually of Brown Coffee color, which appear on the face, usually on both sides of it, in such a way that, on many occasions, it seems as if the affected person carry a mask. They usually occur on the cheeks, forehead, neck, upper lip or nose. Although do not pose a health problem, if that constitute a source of concern for women because they disfigure the appearance of the face. Symptoms: Facial blemishes of dark brown color, symmetrical spots on the face, etc. Causes:-hormonal: this type of spots often appear in women, especially during pregnancy by changes in hormones. Also tends to be very common to appear when women undergo treatments for estrogen well whether through pills against pregnancy or hormones for the treatment of menopause.

In any case it seems that the increase of estrogen is the main cause of the appearance of this anomaly. For this reason, When the estrogen level stabilizes, these stains tend to disappear gradually, although fewer cases, usually staying later. The new application of hormone treatments or new pregnancies tend to trigger his appearance again. -Solar: Exposure to the Sun’s rays is determining many times in these spots. This is the reason why women living in sunny countries have more spots on the face than those who live in countries with little sunshine. Tips to avoid STAINS on the face – Not sunbathe during pregnancy. -Do not sunbathe if you are taking pills against pregnancy. -Do not sunbathe if you are taking hormones for menopause – protect your skin with a good solar filter (protection 15 or higher).

You must use the sunscreen always, although this cloudy, that uva rays transpasan clouds. -Avoid sun exposure during the Central hours of the day (11. 15 hours) – protect your face with caps or wide-brimmed hats many of us spent the day buying creams for wrinkles for facial skin, trying out new brands but what we don’t know that sometimes natural remedies for face are better than any purchased item.