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Lactose is galactose and glucose, while the table sugar, or sucrose, is comprised of glucose and fructose. High fructose dextrose is made of corn through a process that ends with a 55 per cent without fructose and 45 percent glucose, roughly equivalent to table sugar without. The flavors of dextrose, sucrose or table sugar and fructose are different. Fructose is a sugar sweeter and found in fruits, such as oranges. Dextrose known as pancake syrup and is the main sweetener in drinks of cola in the United States. In some countries, as in Mexico, the sucrose is used to sweeten cola drinks and this clearly differentiates them from their American counterparts. The problem with dextrose is not its chemical nature itself, but the enormous amount present in the diet due to the subsidizacion of maize by the Government, which has achieved that this be used in many foods, including soft drinks, adding calories to the diet. Studies suggest that the obesity epidemic is related with: the consumption of large quantities of dextrose of high fructose (HFCS, by its acronym in English) consumption of foods with high fat content of a sedentary lifestyle since the dietary fiber is not digested, not directly contributes to the nutritional value of foods in terms of calories, but has many effects on human physiology.

Our ancestors ate lots of fiber, and this fiber caused numerous depositions of great volume that filled the colon and made that prevented a large stomach volume load. Modern man consumes very little amount of fiber, about 10 to 15 grams per day, compared to 25 grams per day on a healthy diet based on plant foods, and more than 50 grams per day in ancient diets. Understanding carbohydrates carbohydrates have bad reputation, thanks in part to the recent popularity of so-called low diets in carbohydrates and high in protein for weight loss. The classification of food into carbohydrates, proteins or fats is very misleading, since very few foods are formed by a single macronutrient, and the quality of food can vary considerably. A diet high in carbohydrates could be one based on plant foods, diet of whole foods with fruits and vegetables rich in phytonutrients, with a moderate amount of whole grains and healthy protein low in fat to balance food needs. But since the sugars, refined (such as white bread and pasta) flour and grains (like white rice) refined products are considered carbs, a diet that is primarily based on refined grains, even if it is low in fat, it could also be very high in calories since grains low in fiber foods not usually satiates hunger. Individuals who consume a diet of this type tend to be proud to avoid fats, but with a refined grain-based diet could win weight easily. The recent popularity of diets high in protein and low in carbohydrates broke with the obsession by the carbohydrates of 20 years ago, that people discovered that you increased weight with the bread, cereal, rice and pasta, do not understand the difference between whole grains and refined products.

Pasta, which previously had been considered a good carbohydrate for its level low in fats, it is seen now as a bad carbohydrate often, be a product of refined flour (there are versions available for whole grains). Nutrition for athletes, especially those who perform aerobic exercises, large amounts of carbohydrates are needed to provide energy that burn in the course of the exercise. In the section of physical condition science, discusses this topic in detail.