Please understand that I am not saying that you are condemned by your all genes can achieve amazing improvements in their physical doing appropriate exercises and having good eating habits. I mean that when we started to compare us with people who appear in the magazines is when we get into problems, we get lost in this vicious circle of exaggeration and sensationalism that currently prevails both in fitness and fat burning. As I said before, you have a life. You’re a busy person. So we all. We live in a society that goes at a pace rapid, in the information age, in which we have to complete too many tasks and very little time to do so. Not be you, but many times I find myself trying to put everything that I do in those few hours that there are between the moment that I wake up and I go to sleep.

It is not easy. Then come the gurus of fitness telling you that to burn fat and be in good shape you have to train every day or almost everyone. You have to do aerobics or cardio to burn fat, several times a week. You have that train with weights other so many days a week, so you literally end up training 5-6 days a week, every week. If you want it, you have to do it, they say. I’m here to tell you that this is very far from the truth! Many of these programs also will tell you that you have to follow some irrational diet to burn fat. This may include removing all or most of the carbohydrates, eat massive amounts of supplements or any other magic potion to lose weight. Cancer research has compatible beliefs. Besides that, when their programs do not meet expectations, they will tell you that everyone is different and you have to discover what works well in it.