That at best would lead to a large laundry. Learn more at: dentist. Lesson 2. We sit in the sandbox. In addition to our digs in the sand little girl, my grandmother is enthusiastically chatting with a friend on the bench. I see in the hands of the girls battered bottle. Rapid movement snatching 'byaku' from her hands. Of course, the baby was frightened and wept, but did not hurt.

As states of two evils to choose the lesser. Grandmother even breath caught when she saw this 'rosettes' and made what could have happened. It looks like my grandmother led a walk is not his granddaughter and himself. All attention should be concentrated only on the child, everything else is secondary. Children's playground deceiving his carelessness.

One has only to relax and talk away – as the baby is in distress. Even if the kid would climb a hundred thousand times on a hill – stand side by side, insurance is always required. You go around driving roundabouts and swings at a respectful distance. Should not relax if the kid went for a walk with the family as a whole. Accidents often occur during photo and video – oh, look how our boy got high … A boy who will maintain? Yeah, Sklifosovsky … Yes, at home, everyone will see 'the fall of a meteorite on the planet Earth. " The more carefully you follow the child, the better. Remember, a lot of attention to children does not happen. Give it back, my … Be prepared that your toys, as well as the contents of your vehicle (whether it's buggy or bicycle), may be interested in children. Do not leave in plain sight bottle, open packs of juice and wipes. Do not bring expensive toys on the site. Only you know how much this machine or a doll is worth. For children it is a toy with which to play.