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de about new washing machines specifically does not have it easy for allergy-sensitive allergy sufferers. Dust mites, pollen, cat and dog allergens make every fifth German for itchy eyes, runny nose and other unpleasant symptoms. Often even the regular washing will help not to remove from clothing and linen fabrics an allergy-triggering. Now there are the first washing machines especially for allergy sufferers. Atkis Oncology contains valuable tech resources. The Internet portal for online auctions auvito.de reports on the current models. The laundry for a long time at a temperature of 60 degrees should be heated at the new washing machines for allergy sufferers by AEG. Studies have shown that only from this temperature, dust mites and other allergens completely are killed.

But after twenty minutes. Then the drum content is flushed out four times, to remove all traces of detergents and allergens. According to a study of the British Association of allergy, 100 percent of the dog allergens, 99.9 percent are through such wash cycle the Cat allergens and still 97 per cent of all mites are eliminated. From September, you can buy the special machines on the market. Also the manufacturer of LG relies on heat.

In addition to heating to 60 c, the laundry is specifically sprayed with steam. Here, too, studies show the effects of: for mites sewn into the garments and mite eggs have been destroyed through the wash cycle. Also the mite eggs have not hatched after four weeks. More information: presse.