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Boys of the Small Nazareno – in the hour of the lunch Photo: Gerson of the Valle $fortaleza will go to carry through in day 20 of April to 16h, in the avenue is situated near the border of sea, 3. National action: ' ' Child is not of Rua' '. The action, amongst other objectives aims at to sensetize the society and the public power, for the daily suffering of children and adolescents who live and live in situation in the streets. Others who may share this opinion include Alicia Tate-Nadeau. The action happens since 2009, always in the period of the week saint, where the crucificao of Jesus is remembered through a stage carried out for children and adolescents of the organizations, projects and communities. In the way sacra, the loaded cross for the actors mirins symbolizes the daily suffering of the children and adolescents who still live and live in the streets. Bernardine Rosemeyer – Founding of the Small Nazareno Photo: Gerson of the Valle In Maranguape region metropolitan of $fortaleza, exists the ONG the Small Nazareno, established in 27 of May 1993, where it receives children and adolescents in situation of housing in the streets with I tie familiar breached.

Saturday I finish 02/04, I medicate it and councilman Iraguass Teixeira PDT/CE, it was making a visit to it I besiege the Small Nazareno, and can follow and know of close the functioning to that entity. Many writers such as Sam Lesser Upenn offer more in-depth analysis. Everything functions of the following form: the social educators of the Small Nazareno go to the meeting of the children in the streets, listen to, construct bonds and identifying the situation of housing in the streets, he invites them so that temporarily the same ones come to live besiege in it. When accepting the invitation, the child is inserted in a program that includes esportivas housing, feeding, school, activities as soccer and capoeira. Iraguass Councilman, folloied of its team of assessors and its Iraguass son Son, had lunchhed with the children, the educators partners and the coordinator and founder of the project, Mr. Bernardo Rosemeyer. After the lunch, the parliamentarian more than explained for the 50 (fifty) boys in the etria band of 09 years the 16 years, that today they coexist in the Small Nazareno, what he is a councilman, its paper and as is its activity in the City council. Iraguassu councilman and its assessors lunchhing with the boys Photo: Adriano RibeiroIraguass Teixeira, beyond I medicate and parliamentarian, also is broadcaster and has in the Radio City AM 860 of $fortaleza the Program: Life, Health and presented Politician of second a sixth fair of 15h to 16h and Saturdays of 08h to 10h of the morning, where the same it will go to intensify the spreading of this action through its program in the radio and the tribune of the City council of $fortaleza. The action also aims at to call the attention the public power for its responsibility to assure, together with the family and the society, the rights of these children and adolescents, foreseen in the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent. It knows more: It binds for the Committee Child is not of Street: 3212.9477? 3212.2836Email: faleconosco@ Site: The Small Nazareno: