It covers the deep one of the frying-pan with oil. Entorne the mass and fries until the inferior edge to be brown-golden. It serves commolho of fruits (to see to follow), slices of cool fruits and/or edge boiled must (melado honey or). OBS: She is not necessary eggs and milk of cow for prepararexcelentes pancakes. Worn out seeds of linhaa are excellent paraovos substitutes. Source: Pap Smear. VEGETARIAN STROGONOFF Ingredients: 250 grams of meat desoja in pieces, prepared (vide prescription), 4 xcaras of tomatepreparado gravy of, 1 petty cash of milk cream, 100 grams of mushrooms, 1 tooth of garlic, marine salt, chive, I smell eorgano green. Way to make: It fries the mushrooms with garlic, cebolapicados, smells green, chive, organo and salt.

To place the meat of sojapreparada, to move well and after that pours the tomatoe gravy; finally cremede milk, mixes everything and serves with potatoes fries and rice. VEGETABLE PIE Mass: 1 xcara of maize starch, 2 xcaras defarinha of wheat, 2 spoons of tea of I leaven in dust, 1/2 xcara of oil demilho, 1 spoon of salt coffee, 1 egg. Filling: 1 average onion soup bite, 2 spoons deazeite, 1 xcara of tomatoe, without perforated skin and seeds, 1 broth cube delegumes dissolved in 1/2 xcara of water, 1 red chili picadinho, green 1pimento picadinho, 1 can of drained pea (200g), 1 can of milhoverde drained (200g), 1 xcara of palmito in conserve, cut in green cubinhos, 10 olives, without caroo maize starch soup bites, 2 spoons, chive the taste, salt the taste. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out blood test. Covering: 1 1/2 soy milk cup, 1/2 deamido cup of maize, 1/2 wheat flour cup, 1 pitada of salt, 1 egg. Way to make: In a great pan, refogue the cebolano oil. It adds the tomatoe and the broth of vegetables, and moves. It adds opimento, the pea, the maize, the palmito, the olive, moves and leaves to refogar porcerca of five minutes, with the covered pan.