MONEYMAXX shines all 60 fund investment expertise in the Discover collective portfolio are subject to regular quality checks. National Foundation for Cancer Research pursues this goal as well. It is irrelevant whether the funds with or without guarantee are. From 2012, the portfolio offers five more funds, which follow the trend to take into account ethical aspects. It relates to investments in the areas of commodities, asset management and sustainability. Also, three managed system variants are offered, which are tailored to different investor profiles. The Fondsbaskets are managed by Franklin Templeton and rely on stable returns in all market conditions.

These investment options are based on a dynamic and sophisticated asset allocation system. In addition, the yield can be optimized through the re-balancing. The original asset proportion within the individual portfolio of customers will be restored once in the year. Investment optimization for one-time payments and payments to be made, a new product on the market coming in 2012. While the amounts be brought first of all in a safety-oriented seed funds. These are then over 12 to 60 months for the use of the cost-average effect proportionally in the desired target funds brought in. Pension models and care protection with MONEYMAXX maximum flexibility during the retirement phase is the motto for the MONEYMAXX discover insurance modules.

Private pensions, the customer can decide right between six models of retirement, and that up to one month before the actual start of the pension. Including for example the abbreviated retirement, the lifetime annuity, retirement with cash option to fall,”the pension for two and the retirement pension transition (survivor). The customer can choose a payment period of between five and twenty years in the abbreviated age str duck and is also a tax-efficient alternative to the lump-sum settlement. The reason is that this variant allows relatively high pension payments for the defined period of time. Also, the tax rate is low. A capital payment allows the model up to the amount of the death benefit, also after the beginning of the age pension payment, Cash option”.