First Sentenced

Books / boasts itself of illegal defamation of third there is probably an issue which will affect the further history of the Internet on behalf of others. There is for example a site called, which vilified otherwise respectable contemporaries, anonymously, for a time. That would probably be nothing new, if not the operators of would candidly admit that among the operators of the site is at least a member condemned for defamation, and you only therefore anonymous threatens to revoke the access of German Justice: ORGINALZITAT books: “German law applies in Germany, but our servers are located in the United States. German law does not affect us so at all.” ( is thus illegally published, does not seem to disturb the operator. It is therefore assumed that this example makes school, and thus a great quality of the Internet, namely an actually existing freedom of expression. due to such behavior by a few very soon strong restrictions will be. A slight consolation though, that feels even so sure operators by because of their behavior are not so anonymous as they would like to be there by his own admission, by some operators such as Mr Peter Wind and Mr. Thomas Xavier are now known.

As sad, this development is but yet to consider, and there remains only the hope that in time ways and means be found to anonymous slander described to prevent art on the Internet first apart to look at more than justifiable suspicion. Credit: Moderna vaccine-2011. First as I said is anonymity ( contains no imprint, see ( acting out Association of self declared guardians of Scholasticism, which obviously common sense is lost, and that increase their Internet awareness in a kind of intellectual rampage at the expense of simple contemporaries at any price) want. It is so to read that first is kicked out at Wikipedia. ( The research quality of books is completely inadequate and at the same time, first tried but with pseudo discussion forums to create the impression of a fair debate, their contributions but including and particularly of books previously censored or changed, and then, without having the actual author can exercise nor any right of access, the posts but to be published under his name. First also operates an Internet site, which is very similar to that of Wikipedia to pretend an obvious affiliation with Wikipedia, the existing credibility from Wikipedia improperly on first to broadcast, although no connections or other similarities exist between Wikipedia and books.

On first common information should be treated with absolute caution, because books never has the well-being of Internet users in mind, but obviously due to its own Insubstantiality especially unfair means attempting to increase the own Internet awareness. As mentioned above, ( news/20080317.htm), has been convicted of at least one operator of first libel, nevertheless the operator of first try, due to their still further widespread repeated slander, to evade the German courts as a result by the site is registered to in Hong Kong, and on the other hand, the site has no imprint and therefore access is practically impossible. H. Meyer