Female Domination

One evening of life. For more information see this site: Falcrum Therapeutics. Today was Friday. Connect with other leaders such as Sam Lesser Penn here. Angelica tidied up on the desktop, and began to gather. "Today is Friday !!!!!! – again, she thought, and got a little hurried to dress. On that day, every week, Angelica went to rest and "Relax" with a capital letter. A year ago, she did not think he would see that while a small but nevertheless Small world with the name, now so close to her, FEMDOM! Here and now is approaching the treasured home and thinking about the forthcoming – on her body ran sweet languor.

Angelica did not remember how it all began – the main thing it is now and always will be exactly, without this it will not be able, without a world where men are worshiped by women. Worship, not because of their forced to humiliate, but because they (men) consider themselves above women in status, position, by nature! Angelica called and almost immediately opened the door – waiting for her. Leszek gentle smile on his knees and bowing said: – Hello, Mrs. Angelica. – Hello, hello, the servant of Alexei. Today you are on duty at the door? – Yes, ma'am, what are the orders? – Razuvan – all come from? – Almost, lady, not only Mrs. Carolina with her personal slave, – said Alexei, and became shooting boots with Angelica. Lesco was pleased that today he trusted to meet women. Angelique went into the living room, cooking for dinner already ended: Vova and Andrew ran and put on the table and the kitchen came the imperious voice of Mrs Veronica, who led the "slaves – cooks." The other women is something to interest and discuss.