Exploring The Mind Of The Strategist

Where there is no vision the people perish Proverbs 29:18 – The Bible Thinking strategically means more than being alert to the opportunities before us. You need a purpose, a clear sense of purpose. It also requires a clear vision: a sense of direction of where you want to move forward. One saying "there is no chance without vision." The key element that moves the mind of the strategist is the projected long-term vision. In this sense, the mind of the strategist always has plans for the future, are constantly evaluating options and scenarios shows because they have a clear purpose, articulated objectives. Not only is the present circumstances, but is catching patterns and alternatives that others do not, as a result of having developed the habit of "lifting her eyes to the horizon and see beyond the circumstances in which he lives," which allows be able to respond to unexpected situations, to anticipate problems and their solutions, because the mind the strategist thinks long-term vision, sense of purpose, not entertaining in the daily and short term. Now the vision that guides the strategist is not only in their thinking but is also present in her emotions emerge from their own needs.

The Strategist (leader or manager) needs to make emotional contact with the vision, that's how the commitment and assumes responsibility for achieving it. sselstyn Jr.. It is the passion that develops the vision, what keeps him motivated to carry out strategic actions aimed at realizing it. His emotional connection with the vision and their own needs, your vision becomes an internal compass that guides the strategist.