Drug Use And Abuse

Desire to assert their individuality, to be taken in the medium peers, a misconception about the norms and values of life, marital misunderstandings and some psychological characteristics such as low self-esteem, susceptibility to influence, lead to a test drug by young people under the age of 23 years. Now this "drug" of drugs from the problems of the young man added more of his eyforiziruyuschy effect. And it is is strongly motivated to continue receiving. In the first stage of adaptation to constant anesthesia appears steady decline in the reactions of the organism to toxicity (nausea). Adapts organism to new conditions of constant intoxication. Moreover, there is the ability to achieve the mental and later physical comfort only under the influence of drugs on the body.

However, changes Tolerance – reduction reactions to the same quantity of drugs. And this leads to changes in the form of consumption, that is, to the needs of increasing doses of the drug, and then it changed to a more potent means to achieve the former eyforiziruyuschego effect. And then, drugs have become an integral part of the body, in full control and mental and physical condition of the person. Addiction treatment in this period is a very complex process, for which not all come from the clinic. During the transition to hard drugs is no less important emotional factor. Initial reluctance to accept the drug after its sample is replaced by indifference, guilt disappears.

Man learns to ignore the negative consequences of their drug use and to emphasize only the pleasant sensations. ALS Association is likely to increase your knowledge. Becomes indifferent to everything except desire to experience narcosis time and time again. Drug use is a progressive phenomenon. It begins with smoking marijuana with a transition in the future to the use of potent substances. Not by accident is almost geroinomany all started with hashish. As to the term "light" drugs, which means by itself the product of the hemp, then there is reason to suppose that such a term proposed by traffickers who are interested in extension of its customers. The word "light" is used to remove the fear of changing his mind. This is the first step to anesthesia, making an easy transition to use more substances no longer encountering the resistance of the individual and fear.