Dominik Schneider

Between us and gemstone, the chemistry has agreed from the outset: the deep expertise, the enormous Knowledge of programming and of course the excellent track record have convinced us. How the audit process, a trading strategy follows through in your home specifically? What makes you so optimistic for the future trading of the rebound timer VV? Dominik Schneider: We at every new idea that is presented to us four points very carefully look at: in addition to the people and the product, the process and the performance are. “Internally we call it the 4 PS”. At the beginning we look at the developers, the background and experiences after all of which are the key to a good trading system. Then the commercial approach and the product is analyzed. Here, it is checked what is the basic idea behind the system is.

Very simply put: why money the system in the long term? In which market phases can occur problems or which environment is particularly good? What are the risks? What is special about the rebound timer VV is marketed with a few simple rules in a variety of markets. This points to a very robust and therefore long-lasting system. Often, there are systems with a few, clearly formulated rules, which can be operated successfully in the long term. For complicated rules often easier device out of joint when it comes to turbulent markets. Many small enhancements often cause a dilution of the originally found trade approach after some time. And the two other PS? Dominik Schneider: If the trade approach convinced us not our mediation at this point ends. This is the case with approximately 90% of the ideas registered up to us. For the remaining 10% continues it, and resolved the issues to the investment process and the technical implementation in the customer’s account. First and foremost, it is checked how the system for investors can be exposed.