Counseling Psychologist

On the advice of a psychologist, I often tell my clients that there is interconnected. We are moving into each other. When I speak to you, what do I do? I'm constantly moving in you. When you listen, you accept, you keep door open for me You breathe, and things is in you. You open your eyes – and the sun gets in you Each time, twenty-four hours a day – you are like a crossroad. Millions of points converge, millions of lines found in you. You are not separated! Just think: if you can live aloof? Can you be totally isolated? You will die in any second. You porous substance: things comes and goes through you. You, just like the room: includes air, is the sun, and it happens all the time, because the room is always clean and fresh. If you are closed, you're dead. The more open you are, the more existence will be able to flow through you. And more the existence of flows, the more you are able to understand the logo, the whole. You do not have. Whole is. You – a false identity. Because all awakened so insist on delivery. Do not fight with existence – because you do not know what to do. Who do you fight and how can you win? This is the same as if a wave of fighting with the ocean, a sheet of fighting with the tree – this is stupid! And do not try to move against the tide – it's just exhaust you.