Contraceptive Pill

The first days of November 1960 Searle, a North American company, introduced a contraceptive called ENOVID pharmacological market of his country and so timidly, almost on the sly, on June 1, 1961 Bayer Schering Pharma enters ANOVLAR West Germany, today, they show that Einstein’s relativity theory, nor the nuclear bombnot even the strength of computers and the Internet have had an impact more Fort on the society of the s. XX than the pill. Gone was the story that began with the physiologist Ludwing Haberland in 1919 demonstrated that menstruation was regulated by hormones and using animals could inhibit ovulation, with placenta extracts, already in 1928 they introduced Progynon, then El Premio Nobel Adol Butenandt manages to synthesize the first female hormone in 1929 estrone!, five years later manages to isolate the progesterone, in 1938 Inhoffen and Walter Hohlweg manage to develop ETINIL ESTRADIOL which until today is the active principle of the Contraceptives, Margaret Sanger founder of the Federation paternity American planned (the NGO more abortionist of history) manages to persuade the biochemist Gregory Pincus and begin to experience the effects of hormonal preparations new with women. In the French movement of may of 1968, the pill was an emblem, Hippies supported it and while they danced the twist women claimed, this social and political movement, it completely elevated sales of the pill in Europe, USA and then around the world, gradually appeared in new products, new chemical principles, new combinations, modern lobby, bribesbribes and until now still introducing modern contraceptives in the midst of major marketing campaigns, where only speaks of the virtues and benefits of these pills. But 50 years later behind these products?, which are its risks and its potential dangers by reviewing the prospects of the manufacturers, hairs are put tip, manufacturers do not deny it, they write it but they do everything possible not to mention them. Absolute contraindications, mentioned around 14 entities medical, some common as breastfeeding, Lupus, Porphyria, pregnancy, after a Mola, liver diseases etc. And relating, other 15 common medical entities also mentioned, such as epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, immobilized, migraine, varicose veins and more. ADVERSE reactions produces true sudden common emergencies and invalidasteis, such as severe abdominal pain, sudden severe headache, pain in upper and lower extremities, shortness of breath, lack of motor coordination, speech disorders, copious bleeding, irregular bleeding, menstrual delays, hipermenorragias and others.

PRECAUTIONS, listed a long list where should not be used the pill of yore such as Cancer or suspicion thereof, (as if were easy to suspect it) in cases of infertility, in tumorigenicidad cases, adolescents, women with dental problems and others. You may find that Sam Lesser Upenn can contribute to your knowledge. It makes interaction, i.e. loses effectiveness, when women take so common drugs as atorvastatin, rifampicin, antibiotics such as ampicillin, tetracycline, griseofulvin, anticonvulsants, paracetamol, ascorbic acid and a long list of common medications that decrease the effectiveness of the method and end launching serious warnings to those who dare to use these pills, they warn that it can give you myocardial infarction, thrombus/embolism, cerebrovascular, Cancer of the breast and reproductive organs disease, disorders liver and bile, eye injury, increased cholesterol and lipids and blood pressure increased and finally end up listing all the biochemical alterations that cause in the body such as glucose, cholesterol, factors, prothrombin increased VI to X, also increases the platelet pieces (increased risk of thrombus), diminish plasma folic acid reserves and many alterations. Really is there reason to celebrate these gold wedding? Clear, taking into account sales Yes! But taking into account the health and the life of the woman not!