But first, the pipe must be connected to the output of flue pipe stove (fireplace, boiler). Suddenly it turns out that it is directed horizontally. Immediately there is a problem changing the direction of chimney: we need a hierarchy. Here come to the aid of the knee or tees. (In the tee, in contrast to the knee, if it provides an element cleaning – removable cup at the bottom or any other element of the audit – once simplifies the process of cleaning the air holes.) Assume tee found a pipe. But they must also be articulate with each other. It is not easy, and tight, so that the smoke does not pass into the junction.

Therefore, they should just come to one other. Go ahead. Suppose the chimney must pass through the second floor. But the pot is set so that the exit air holes prevents any beam. It must be avoided. Again to change the direction of the chimney. It's easy! There is a knee different angles of rotation, such as the knee angle of 45 . Smoke turned the channel, skirted the obstacle, we continue to move.

Or is it, the overlap of the second floor – wood! Through it to hold the tube in which the prowl hot flue gases? After all, can and polyhnut. There are special-through tubes of larger diameter. Cut a hole in the ceiling, put a tube passage, isolate and carry out the chimney. And to pass on the second floor and exit to the roof, take the next entrance pipe. Yes, even at the correct angle. Just keep in mind that the purpose of fire safety in places of passage through the flue pipe to the overlap should not have joints with another tube. If it turns out that the standard does not allow the pipe to pass this place without a dock, do not worry.