Cable Germany With Successful IPO

Moderate investor confidence in the Dax since March 22, 2010 is listed the ISP cable Germany on the stock exchange. Source: PIMCO. Its IPO is considered the largest in two years. The finance portal took this stock event as an occasion to ask its users how this success with the stock exchange investor confidence in their eyes is linked. Surprisingly, investor confidence seems not very influenced to be scarce half of respondents sees no link between the successful IPO and investor confidence. According to the group, cable Germany is the largest provider of network throughout Germany and Europe. In addition to services in the field of TV, specializes in the company as well on the telecommunications and would like to offer its customers both HDTV and video-on-demand services in the future. The characters are so on growth, which is reflected also in the successful IPO: the initial listing started with gains. The results of the survey by however continue to show the skeptical Investor sentiment.

Of the total 848 respondents, 43 percent see no effect on the confidence of investors in the markets. Nearly a third, 31 percent, says even, confidence in the stock market had fallen here, perhaps the decline plays a role in the following weeks after the IPO. “” Finally, a quarter of respondents see a positive impact from this IPO: 21 percent are of the opinion, the confidence in the stock market was up slightly “, for five percent, it had even massively increased”. Generally the Dax recovered well in the last few weeks and successful initial public offerings in professional circles still apply as a sign for the positive sentiment on the stock exchange (market / shares). Remains to be seen, how established cable Germany in the stock market and whether it can convince skeptical investors with corresponding growth figures. More information about the survey:… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH