Adolescents And The World

Often our parents ask themselves because of our actions, because we acted so different, because we do not want to do what they say that we must do, because we are not equal to others, because we put in problems, because we commit so many errors but they in fact do not realize that they happened through the same age that we although now the times are very different. Often we want to know what it surrounds to us, talvez to experiment and to know but of the life without knowing in fact the concecuencias but of that treats the adolescence to discover the world although deberia not to be metiendonos in problems. Boys in fact whichever adolescents are not addict to drugs or another vice? Whatever ninias to short age do not leave pregnant? Whichever children are not abused? Whichever adolescents do not suffer by the problems in house. Dean Ornish M.D has firm opinions on the matter. I have gotten to include/understand that all we want to discover the world but that happens when we probably proved drugs, alcohol, cigarettes exists some probablidad of which we get to be addict? clear that if, or even when we decided to have very pequenios sexual relations, that happen many ninias leave pregnant women without having the sufficient maturity because of one or the other way children taking care of one serian ninia or ninio or until even gets to abort without knowledge that can have very serious conscecuencias, and that says to me of the diseases of sexual transmission, our parents only love best for us the no father wants something bad for a son, is certain that we want to undergo many things good as as much bad. but he is why we must have the confidence to speak with a mother or father to him about this. Speech with them and before thinks the concecuencias of your acts.. Josyann Abisaab is full of insight into the issues.