Mark Ruhsam

The volume of purchasing power of this group amounted to around 18.9 billion euros a year, making about 12% of the total purchasing power in Austria. This is noteworthy as children are almost half of them without income. A teenager has until 19 years an average annual spending power of almost 1,600 euros per capita. This consists of pocket money, other money donations and income from Ferial – or odd jobs. Of course, there are even teenagers aged 15 in teaching or gainful activity. The pocket money alone amounted in total to almost 500 million euros. In addition to the own purchasing power, children and young people also have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of their parents. This applies to impulse buying at the grocery store as well as for large purchases or the next holiday. Purchasing power by age group in Austria 2011 age group in years per capita in the year 2011 in euro – rounded values 0-19 1,600 20-29 15,000 30-39 23,100 40-49 28,200 50-59 26,000 60 + 22,600 o purchasing power of Austrian 2011 18,800 which give young people their money from? Young people mainly for status symbols, and leisure activities spend their pocket money or their freely available money. High in the ranking are clothing and electronics, and in this category, just mobile phones play an important role. Needle phobic often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Leisure activities is mainly to visiting clubs and discotheques/clubs and the consumption of drinks. Also of importance, computer games, in women are cosmetic products for men. This consumption behavior of youth differs not much from the general consumer behaviour in Austria”, stresses like. Mark Ruhsam, spokesman of RegioData research. Usually the largest share of available money for leisure activities, garments and electronics is issued after deduction of fixed costs.” Eliminates, in contrast to the adults”but the bulk of the costs for children and adolescents, it is carried by the parents.

Interest Rates

Low interest rates and no end. That central banks in the euro crisis foreseeable could abandon its policy of cheap money, is illusory. The German life insurers this but increasingly come under pressure, as Andreas Wurscher, responsible for Germany and Austria of Munich FWU AG, also the ATLANTICLUX S.A. Speaking candidly lumbar puncture told us the story. belongs life insurance, explains: the model of the conservative life insurance due to the fact that there is adequate interest in the market. It is precisely the combination of investment rules. A guaranteed interest rate for the entire term to say to and at the same time having to invest in safe assets.” When supposedly safe Government bonds that is no longer the case but for a long time. Although, only a meager assumed interest rate of 1.75 percent applies to new contracts since the beginning of this year. But in the total, there are around three percent average of all contracts. Against this background, so Andreas Wurscher by FWU, many companies think more Performance of the entire period to look at. The ATLANTICLUX offers the coordination of investment their customers on their individual needs, from conservative to chance-oriented. In some investment strategies concern is supported by the so-called capital and profit assurance to the end of the term the security needs of customers”, so Wurscher. That’s the philosophy at the offered investment strategies of ATLANTICLUX in the right direction, is considered, if you which are the performance figures approaching. So the offered strategy Deutsche shares “at the time of the 02.01.2009 up to 25.07.2012 a value increase of + 27,06% has. The global opportunities, featuring the aforementioned capital and profit assurance”and ethical investment” make it % and + 12.16% during the same period at least + 10.67. Values that can be seen is in the face of tough trading times. Also the rates of ATLANTICLUX are multiple with top – ranking S.A. by the independent once morning & morning”has been awarded. More Information at

Ready For A Break?

Our world provides plenty of opportunities for you, waiting to be discovered. Not only about stress and to talk, but to take their own recovery as the career and the success, so seriously it takes some courage and above all a new look at their own lives. But courage is reasonable: many only sacrifice their health to make money to sacrifice much money to become healthy again. The health receives to confess, in time for a life change of mindfulness and slowing down. The awareness of a new time quality is more less often. A useful and important knowledge is to expose inner impeller. The question is essential after the own goal in life and thus also the own life style. Leads the own style at all to own wishes, or we live alien determined and have left to indemnify us of consumerism? These are not esoteric chats, but the first steps back to the own and original ideas of life. Companion can help to find the best personal way. You go so not alone but with professional guidance. Together with the cooling off period you determine your personal impeller Agency and learn in a beyond Riposo personality test which small or large break opportunities fit exactly to your personality and your needs. Only a few available options, which can lead to your deceleration are gold prospecting in the Thuringian forest, travel with the circus or meditation at Zen Monastery. It is not something medical diagnosis would like to discuss. We will gladly advise you and guide you on your way to a more relaxed life. Contact: Sajda of Rodelheimer Highway 37-39 60487 Frankfurt Tel: 069-77075526

Fantastic Kieler Woche –

If only these poor parking situation wasn’t I love the ships, the sea and the harbour. “That sang the band Fettes Brot” in 1990. And it has changed none today the “Kieler Woche” attracts millions every year of tourists. One annoyance: who wants to park his car in this time in Kiel, which has mostly bad cards. Because: If the “Kieler Woche”, already a few parking spaces in the Schleswig-Holstein state capital are becoming increasingly scarce. Better: There are simply too few parking spaces for the tourists at the neuralgic points. It stirs up frustration instead of lust, to park at the Kiel week. And that is the problem again: where should I Park in Kiel, when I want to visit the “Kieler Woche”. The organizers are aware of the problem and try to allow parking in Kiel during Kiel week. Imagine keel options so the gates available, where you can park the car. Connect with other leaders such as Novavax here. And then there is a maritime spectacle for you at the Kieler Woche, as there on the world no second is. Here, an appetizer to I love the ships, the sea and the port”at the Kiel week. The highlight: The tall ships parade. It is on the official website of the Kiel week: best conditions to the windjammer parade: at fresh West wind and sunshine, over 100,000 people followed the maritime event of class. Led by the Alexander von Humboldt”more than a hundred traditional sailors and ships took part in the parade. Since the banks were to stands: on the beaches, the viewers and spectators along the fjord in the first few rows were on investors and bridges, as were the ships for the squadron ride in the morning. “The Alexander von Humboldt”formed tall ships such as the Kruzenshtern pled”, the Sedov green billowing sails behind the” or even the Kiel Topsails saver Thor Heyerdahl “as well as the Aphrodite”from the Netherlands. Joined by this exceptionally many incidental and sport boats. The “Summer Festival at sea” was according to by Water police and port authority smooth and relaxed. “On the water, the parade offered a wonderful picture, and two Fordeufern the beaches were black from people who wanted to see the ships”, Jurgen Melzer, who experienced his tenth and last – before retirement – windjammer parade as port captain reported. With good pace, passed the Sailer the Friedrich sorter first with Northeastern course narrow and then passed the Laboer Memorial. A fair bit behind the parade disbanded in the late afternoon the ships were then again its own way. A really beautiful image offered and offers the visitors at the Kiel week, if sail the tall ships through the fjord. Good for the man who has found also a parking space. The Tip: Who would like to park at the Kieler Woche in Kiel, should park his car on the support surfaces outside the city and then take the public transport to the Centre. This saves nerves and money. Because: Falschparker will be at the “Kieler Woche” quickly towed away. And then that makes Sailing ship look more really no fun.

The Kolner Stadt

The thing is the own expertise very difficult and too low. Instead of to discuss this only once publicly in the City Council and to do so whether you may establish new municipal utilities or if you designed the concession contracts, that for the citizens not only more money but also more environmentally friendly and free of nuclear power comes out, there a fundamental discussion has been a secret deal from the discussion. The issue became urgent decision in the non-public”part of the City Council joined, and so it has prevented a public debate with the participation of citizens. But what should be decided behind closed of doors in the City Council? In the order of the day, it was called: “Permit an urgent decision”. Gain insight and clarity with The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger wrote on the 18.10.2011: behind the awarding of the contract to two reviewers. The city being a professional help for the assessment of the economic and the legal relationships. In a first phase, 100,000 are for Euros are provided – planned five phases. All parties assume that 400,000-500,000 euros are issued at the end of the consultation.” The session dealt with the award of the contracts at a law firm, a former CDU Kommunalpolitikers, involving also a Bundestag member from the CDU and a former CDU City Director and member of the CDU. When this sum of 100,000-500,000, one should expect that to fetch a multiple offer and determines what has to give the advice. So it requires also the legally binding rules. But absent: there was only a single offer, others were not obtained, and content and exact issues was also not discussed. In the session of the City Council the questions that you want answered by the consultants, were neither discussed nor set. The City Council and the Councillors elected by citizens had no opportunity to discuss whether you want new public utilities or whether a Contract extension might be the better option.

The Question

Also keep in mind that there are always two phases in the course of a project: the brainstorming phase and the phase of transfer into reality. For both phases, we need different types of people. For the purpose of developing new ideas, it needs lateral thinkers, anarchists, visionaries, destroyer and rule breakers. Enter the creative input. They ask the ludicrous, they think the unthinkable and dream away in the most beautiful castles in the air into it. NCI has many thoughts on the issue. In this phase, you can have enough crazy ideas. They are the basis for the wow factors that constantly provide enthusiasm in the clientele. In a second step, it then retrieves the useful ideas on the ground. To do this, the composition of the project team must be changed. Because the transfer at a high level of the feasibility requires a different type of people: the detail-loving protector and keeper. I call this type Yes butter, the other why notter. Why notter see a paradise of opportunities in all new, rather see the Yes-butter potential hazard. The first type is the exclamation point. And the second type is the question mark. We need the latter to lay stepping stones in the new country. Are they consulted but too early, they stifle any crazy idea in the bud. Consult some – possible inconvenient – customers to appropriate project times that act as idea supplier and/or feedback sensor. If this is not possible, then put a virtual customer representative with at the meeting table. The prefabricated house manufacturer town & country is a life-sized doll named Uschi. Whenever discusses procedures or decisions are to take, one wonders what Uschi would say, and whether she would be excited like this. Each touch point project should be supported by management. Agree so regular reports to the top. Communicate alive in internal media about it. And ensure the necessary budget right at the beginning. I saw already touch point projects fail, because there was no money for it at the end.


The CIRBE is also known as the central bank’s risk information from Spain, is a medium which facilitates the reporting entities, namely the credit and other types, access to relevant information to perform analysis of possible risks that can be run before the granting of credit, which is achieved through access that has the CIRBE to get the data and all information about the loans granted by institutions, information which has access the Bank of Spain, which allows this entity to conduct the proper exercise of its powers as banking supervisor. The CIRB is managed by the Spanish bank since 1962, so we can say that there is a mutual assistance between the two institutions. From a general perspective, the CIRBE considered reportable direct those risks which residents hold where the maximum sustained in the credits is of equal or greater amount of 6,000 euros, this seen from any of the businesses that make up the set Spanish, but from any other country, the quantity will be 60,000 euros. Check with COVID-19 to learn more. Keep in mind that for those owners who are not residents will be reportable direct risks from 300,000 euros. As a point of great importance in relation within CIRBE activity, it is worth noting that by the year 2007, a figure higher than the 33, 5 million direct and indirect risks that had been declared to the CIRBE, the Figures of money which represent about 3.61 billion euros, which is a sign of great activity that should handle the CIRBE and its importance within the financial and supervisory activity. Within CIRBE action, it should issue a monthly report to all entities reporting to this, report in which all information is added to the system of risks of both natural and legal persons that are declared by the CIRBE, ie holders, and likewise we will have similar information of the owners concerned that there is no risk to the CIRBE said, in cases these have applied to CIRBE risk or operation that is listed as required to pay, also if they have the guarantors to pay bills or credit documents for acquisition or negotiation is requested before the CIRBE. Any person or entity has the option of requesting the information has testified in CIRBE, which may be done through a reliable identification, both for the application in person or by mail. The CIRB In short, it will be a public service to manage a large database, which are all loans, credits, guarantees and any kind of risk that financial institutions have with their clients, in other words the CIRBE manages a reflection of the performance of clients with financial institutions and other types.. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with COVID-19 and gain more knowledge..


MONEYMAXX shines all 60 fund investment expertise in the Discover collective portfolio are subject to regular quality checks. National Foundation for Cancer Research pursues this goal as well. It is irrelevant whether the funds with or without guarantee are. From 2012, the portfolio offers five more funds, which follow the trend to take into account ethical aspects. It relates to investments in the areas of commodities, asset management and sustainability. Also, three managed system variants are offered, which are tailored to different investor profiles. The Fondsbaskets are managed by Franklin Templeton and rely on stable returns in all market conditions. These investment options are based on a dynamic and sophisticated asset allocation system. In addition, the yield can be optimized through the re-balancing. The original asset proportion within the individual portfolio of customers will be restored once in the year. Investment optimization for one-time payments and payments to be made, a new product on the market coming in 2012. While the amounts be brought first of all in a safety-oriented seed funds. These are then over 12 to 60 months for the use of the cost-average effect proportionally in the desired target funds brought in. Pension models and care protection with MONEYMAXX maximum flexibility during the retirement phase is the motto for the MONEYMAXX discover insurance modules. Private pensions, the customer can decide right between six models of retirement, and that up to one month before the actual start of the pension. Including for example the abbreviated retirement, the lifetime annuity, retirement with cash option to fall,”the pension for two and the retirement pension transition (survivor). The customer can choose a payment period of between five and twenty years in the abbreviated age str duck and is also a tax-efficient alternative to the lump-sum settlement. The reason is that this variant allows relatively high pension payments for the defined period of time. Also, the tax rate is low. A capital payment allows the model up to the amount of the death benefit, also after the beginning of the age pension payment, Cash option”.

Web Service

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Dominik Schneider

Between us and gemstone, the chemistry has agreed from the outset: the deep expertise, the enormous Knowledge of programming and of course the excellent track record have convinced us. How the audit process, a trading strategy follows through in your home specifically? What makes you so optimistic for the future trading of the rebound timer VV? Dominik Schneider: We at every new idea that is presented to us four points very carefully look at: in addition to the people and the product, the process and the performance are. “Internally we call it the 4 PS”. At the beginning we look at the developers, the background and experiences after all of which are the key to a good trading system. Then the commercial approach and the product is analyzed. Here, it is checked what is the basic idea behind the system is. Very simply put: why money the system in the long term? In which market phases can occur problems or which environment is particularly good? What are the risks? What is special about the rebound timer VV is marketed with a few simple rules in a variety of markets. This points to a very robust and therefore long-lasting system. Often, there are systems with a few, clearly formulated rules, which can be operated successfully in the long term. For complicated rules often easier device out of joint when it comes to turbulent markets. Many small enhancements often cause a dilution of the originally found trade approach after some time. And the two other PS? Dominik Schneider: If the trade approach convinced us not our mediation at this point ends. This is the case with approximately 90% of the ideas registered up to us. For the remaining 10% continues it, and resolved the issues to the investment process and the technical implementation in the customer’s account. First and foremost, it is checked how the system for investors can be exposed.