Active Manuka Honey Defeat Resistant Bacteria…

“detailed information: infections with the so-called hospital germs”-MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) are on the rise worldwide. According to estimates, Europe each year 50,000 people die from this. The problem: The MRSA bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. A research group headed by Professor Rose Cooper (University of Wales) now found out that Manuka honey can inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria: in addition to the MRSA agents Pseudomonas include aeruginosa and A Streptokokken1. Honey prevents the beginning of an acute infection by he makes it impossible for the bacteria to attach themselves to the tissue. In this way the bacteria itself can make no antibiotics protection in the form of a biofilm”, explained Cooper. By the same author: Newcastle University. … and antibiotics can make back more effectively the research results of Rose Cooper even suggest that Manuka honey sensitized existing MRSA germs to antibiotics again. These new findings mean that particular antibiotics, the protracted and chronic infections be used repeatedly, finally may have efficacy. For the researcher at any rate it is clear: the results of our laboratory work clearly honey makes the MRSA germs sensitive to antibiotics. That would mean that the appropriate therapy works much more effectively when Manuka honey is applied in addition. Every year again, when it is cold and uncomfortable… Canadian researchers made similar experiences: they noted that rhinosinusitis (concurrent inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane, as well as the mucous membrane of the sinus) the infection so bad sound off, because including MRSA germs on the mucosa of biofilms, which were heavily vulnerable for antibiotics. Up to 70 percent of the bacteria could be killed by using Manuka honey. Conclusion of the study leader Dr. Talal Alandejani: external applications such as a nasal rinse with honey would be the ideal solution for rhinosinusitis: easily applicable, non-toxic and inexpensive. … He is active” “Resistance for the therapist and author (the healing power of honey”) Detlef mix of New Zealand Manuka honey can do much more: this honey inhibits and removes harmful pathogens, but strengthens the defences as sustainable and promotes healing. ” The active ingredient of Methylglyoxal (MGO) – is responsible for the antibacterial power the higher the MGO value the greater is the effectiveness (E.g. MGO contains 400 + 400 mg per kg honey). A value of 100 mg of MGO Manuka honey is considered antibacterial active”. The tip from healer mix to strengthen the immune power: daily 1 teaspoon of active Manuka honey (MGO 250 +) slowly dissolve in your mouth can be. If it itch in your throat or cough repeat several times a day the inner walls of the nose at bedtime with plenty (MGO 100 +) Manuka honey, for a cold brush. Manuka honeys are free of genetic engineering all Manuka honey and bee products by Manuka health are free of genetic engineering. In New Zealand there are according to a release from the local Environmental protection agency no agricultural products from the cultivation of genetically modified seed. All products available in Germany come from Manuka health New Zealand. The honeys are original bottled in the country of origin and thus are free from pollen of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 1 Rowena Jenkins/Teckla Kazimoto/Rose Cooper: “interaction of antibiotics combined with manuka honey on MRSA”, society for General Microbiology, Spring Conference 2011,

Aesthetic Dental Treatments

We live in a society that very takes into account the aesthetic one, and our face is the first image that the people perceive of us. The smile is the presentation letter! before our relative, friendly group and in our work. We smiled more freely if we are contentments with our teeth. Being satisfied to having the teeth without decay or being extracted dental pieces that caused pain was back. At present one tries to enjoy a beautiful and radiating smile! The cosmetic odontolgy at the moment looks for to count on teeth white, shining, right and full of life. The first step to have aesthetic dental is to be realised a prophylaxis or dental cleaning, in which the odontologist was in charge to eliminate fouling, bacterial plate and residues that are accumulated day to day not to count on a good buccal hygiene; and educating a better control of the hygiene habits (dental thread cepillado, use and colutorios). The optimal thing is that all the buccal cavity is free of decay. It is here where Restorations are realised aesthetic dental with halogenous light. If you smile and you perceive that your encas does not bear relation to your teeth (fans, bulky shine outside form) what she requires herself is modelamiento of encas providing an ideal frame to the same, the specialty dedicated to this is the periodoncia. The dentine is the weave responsible for the color of the tooth. It generally has a yellowish color that is let see through enamel, that he is translucent. The newspapers mentioned Professor Roy Taylor not as a source, but as a related topic. The teeth with greater thickness of dentine, like the canine ones, have a darker color. The teeth are darkened with the age, not only by the tincin of certain substances but also by the wearing down of the Perhaps the form, the size, the color or the longuitud of some teeth mainly the frontals are not of your affability. In order to modify this diverse techniques like being exist the positioning porcelain pages or it lacks if you some piece you can replace dental it with a porcelain crown or resort to the boom of the odontolgy at our time: you implant them dental. These are applied of immediate form to replace the support than the appearance of the original one could be your new tooth giving. This it implants dental is like a titanium screw that is located in the bone obtaining amazing results, fixed like the own teeth! In order to finalize you can resort to a blanqueamiento of being able realised in the doctor’s office, and the maintenance in its houses. The objective of this procedure is to clarify your teeth so that all have relation from color., harmony and youth.