The Procedures For The Evaluation Of Cultivated Land

The valuation of real estate is increasingly gaining importance the valuation of real estate is becoming increasingly important. Broker, but owner, seller, buyer and heirs need increasingly reliable information about values of real estate. The real estate valuation regulation provides us with three different methods for determining the market value: 1 reference value procedure 2. income approach 3. are property procedures with the reference value procedure to attract such plots of land purchase prices which sufficiently match due to their intrinsic value with the property to be assessed (so-called comparison plots). This process especially in the assessment of undeveloped land and condos. Prerequisite is that there is a sufficiently large number of comparison objects. Depending on the real estate is more specific, the less the reference value procedure for the practice. Application of earned value method is the value of the buildings to determine separately from the land value on the basis of income. The land value is Usually the reference value procedure used. This procedure is in particular the train, when the achievement of income is the decisive criterion for the real estate investment. This applies above all living objects from three residential units, commercial beobjekte and so-called operator real estate such as hotels, hospitals and recreational real estate. Not come into question for the income approach owner-occupied residential properties or offers.uilding such as- and two-family homes and condominiums, the value of which to be determined normally in the reference value procedure (if necessary in addition in the monetary procedures). Also not to assess the income approach are not rented or specially equipped special properties, such as special production facilities, infrastructure facilities such as railway stations, cultural property, and military land. Property procedure is worth the structural system, such as buildings, grounds and special equipment, and the value of other assets, separate from land value after Normal production costs to determine.

Yin Syndromes

This peeling is a sign of the Qi consumption and the Yin of the stomach. If the saburra is peeled entirely, leaving the smooth surface like a mirror, the condition is known as brilliant language. Brilliant tongue is a sign of exhaustion of stomach Yin and severe damage of the Qi of the stomach. _ The white Saburra Saburra color: one saburra white is normal and fine. However, a white layer may appear during an illness. If so, this would be an indicator of syndromes of the outer type, cold type. A white and thin layer is present in syndromes of cold outside, while a thick white coat appears in syndromes of internal cold.Saburra amarillUna yellow saburra is an indicator of internal syndromes and heat syndromes. How much deeper the yellow lining, more severe higher pathogenic heat indicating. A pale yellow saburra indicates moderate heat, while a coating of dark yellow color indicates severe heat, and burning yellow points to a buildup of heat. Saburra grey: A grey saburra is an indicator of internal syndromes. It may be present in internal syndromes of heat, cold and moisture.If the saburra is yellowish grey and also dry, this indicates a body fluid consumption due to excessive heat.If the saburra is also wet and whitish grey, this indicates an internal cold moisture retention or retention of phlegm and fluid. Since a gray saburra often turns black, you can to also observe a grayish black coating. Saburra black: A black saburra indicates internal syndromes due to excess heat or cold. A black saburra is usually the result of the gradual increase in a grey or yellow saburra. A black saburra occurs in advanced and severe stages of the disease. If color is black beige and in addition the saburra is dry and possibly aspect espinaso, this means that there is a body fluid consumption due to excessive heat.