She has others that nor private equity would take, but that they had finished making offers of same action assim' ' , she analyzes. For Rabbat, as much the dispute for asset how much the effect of the wave of IPOs carried through in the year passed they are ' ' symptoms of the changeable income that must continue one or two for anos' '. Lovisotto indicates that the wallet of investments of the foundations (with exception of Previ) has, on average, 16% placed in Stock market, 47% in CDI and Selic in 37% in inflation. ' ' With the Stock market it will not be possible to beat the atuarial goal, nor with CDI or Selic. With the inflation dar&#039 only goes; ' , it esteem. According to Lovisotto, of the 150 foundations that the RiskOffice folloies, only of 20% 22% had obtained to reach the atuarial goal in the gathered of the six first months of 2008. For Rabbat and Lovisotto, it is certain that some entities will have to consume part of the accumulated surplus to pay benefits. ' ' The year is given: or the Stock market of the one overturn or many entities does not go to obtain to beat to the goal atuarial' ' , it finishes Rabatt.Novo has controlled foreigner in the Canadian RiskOfficeA Algorithmics will be the new owner of the RiskOffice inside of some years. In December of 2007, the two company had made an association, from which the company foreigner passed withholds a participation in the national consultoria. ' ' They had bought a slice of the RiskOffice and, to the few, they go acquiring restante' ' , it affirms Marcelo Rabbat, commercial director of the consultoria. Of a side, the RiskOffice will be the window for pension fund the foreign ones to look at net assets in Brazil and, of the other, the capacity of distribution of the Algorithmics around of the world will take the services of the Brazilian consultoria, in special the studies of ALM, for customers internacionais.' ' The Algorithmics has a strong penetration in the world. .

Volkswagen Group

TEMAC product range includes a wide variety of industrial seals, such as: plates rubber sealers, plates and tooled expanded graphite gaskets PTFE, and SWG (coiled into a spiral gasket), metal seals and special elements of sealing, compression rings, insulating cords, isolation plates, seals coated, PTFE products, just to mention some components. With the signing of the agreement has been achieved to a leading European manufacturer in material of sealed distribute a variety of its products in Germany, said Frank Funke, director of sales of the company Dr. Muller GmbH. Initially, the German company Dr. html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal Northland. Mueller will focus on the range of the Czech company asbestos-free gaskets. Essentially it will focus its activities in dealers selected for the marketing and the companies in court. The advantage of TEMAC products, is that they have a large number of certificates said Daniel Moc, sales manager of TEMAC. As examples are the following: DVGW (gas), KTW (water) and BAM (oxygen). Some globally recognized companies use Temac s.a. products, as examples within the petrochemical industry, we can mention to Esso to Bayer, and in the automotive industry, the subsidiary of Volkswagen Skoda and French companies Faurecia and Valeo. Thanks to the signing of this agreement, the materials offer a better value for money. For this reason Dr. Mueller and TEMAC enterprises are safe they can win a significant share in the German market. About Dr. Mueller GmbH: Dr. Muller GmbH in Ahlhorn (Lower Saxony) is a leading provider in the electro-electronica industry since 1967. Its focus is on the development and implementation of technical solutions tailored to each customer’s production processes. Dr. Muller GmbH is one of the largest providers of the world of materials, electrical insulation, thermoconductor, together products and laminates. In addition to the company based in the North of Germany, It also has a branch office located in Brazil and an England-based sales office. Its main clients come from industry electrical and electronics, automotive as well as agricultural, medical sector and telecommunications. Dr. Muller GmbH not only develops and applies technical solutions but also develops and implements logistic and packaging solutions. Compremetidos to ensure the quality of its products and services, the company performs regularly under the ISO 9001: 2000 certification. About TEMAC, a.?: TEMAC s.a. is a distributor of industrial seals and a leading producer in Central Europe. Its products are mainly used in electrical engineering, chemistry, gas, oil and petrochemical industry. This company develops, produces and sells a range of products more complete in the sealing industry. Through the use of new technologies and the international quality certification, TEMAC supplies its products to the Group’s Unipetrol (a subsidiary of Orlen group), Slovnaft, Shell, Volkswagen Group and Avia Daewoo among others. This Czech company is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949.

United States Cosentino

Was Cosentino Award with the NKBA President s 2010 for ongoing commitment for kitchens? and bath experts in the United States. Cantoria, May 24, 2011. The Cosentino group, world leader in the production and distribution of quartz? and was natural stone surfaces, of the American National kitchen & bath Association (NKBA) with the NKBA President’s award 2010. Every year he awarded President’s award to a member firm of the NKBA, that has been done by special use for the Association and for the industry as a whole which. The company has been for his ongoing commitment to kitchens? and bath experts both local and awarded at the national level in the United States. While the KBIS handed over show in Las Vegas Mark L. Karas, Chairman of the NKBA, the President’s award to Eduardo Martinez?Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino Group North America. After more than 15 years in the United States, the Cosentino group has a large presence on this market. The multinational company has over 13 Cosentino Center, eight main?Sales partners and 14 processing factories. Approximately 5,000 Cosentino the Cosentino group currently supplies kitchens? and bath Studios, the five largest furniture retailer in the United States (Home Depot, Lowe’s, direct buy, etc.) and works with over 6,000 architects at the national level. Over the next three years will the expansion of the Cosentino group in the US be?Focus market. Fourteen new Cosentino Center be opened in addition to the existing thirteen centers. End of 2013, there will be 27 Cosentino Center on the North American market as a whole. The Cosentino group is currently the Cosentino group in more than 50 countries represented, maintains 6 works, 14 stone quarries and 17 processing plants (United States). At the headquarters in Macael (Almeria), directs and manages the company and international branch offices: Cosentino Belgium Cosentino, Cosentino Germany, Cosentino France, Cosentino Ireland, Cosentino Italy, Cosentino Mexico, Cosentino Netherlands, Cosentino North America, Cosentino Austria, Cosentino Portugal, Cosentino Switzerland, Cosentino Scandinavia and Cosentino UK. Almost 70% of the turnover is generated on international markets.

Professor Holtmeier Cologne

Since January 2008, Professor Holtmeier Cologne is chief physician of the clinic for Gastroenterology, Diabetology and internal medicine at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein. His technical qualities are regarded a long time in medicine, now the ceremony was followed by the title of Professor on August 17, 2011″by the Dean of the University of Cologne. The prerequisite for this was a long procedure, under which external experts the achievements of Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Holtmeier had voted. Since January 2008, Professor Holtmeier is chief physician of the clinic for Gastroenterology, Diabetology and internal medicine at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein. Prof. Holtmeier, which currently builds a colorectal Center at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein, and others considered expert in the treatment of chronic intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease. Within the scope of his Professorship, he will deal next to his teaching commitments at the medical faculty of the University of Cologne to the medical students at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein; the House is the academic teaching hospital University of Cologne.