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Can the deterioration of the economy of the eurozone take to the euro at parity with the dollar? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 27, 2009 a fact occurred in Argentina during 2008 and that really struck me forcefully when there were fears about the health of the local economy invaded the Argentines. Traditionally, when uncertainty is Lossing of the Argentine economic context, savers will overturn massively to buy dollars since the U.S. currency has traditionally been one of the few refuges capable of protecting the wealth of the population. In the new episode of uncertainty, the Argentines again resorted to a foreign currency to protect their savings, only that wasn’t the chosen currency the dollar but the euro. Dean Ornish M.D has compatible beliefs. I must clarify that this episode which was clearly observed in Argentina, did not return repeated in the subsequent turbulent times of the year, and hardly repeat at least in the short and medium term. One of the lessons that we are delivering the international financial crisis undoubtedly is of the eurozone economy us has deceived making us think that it had greater strength than you actually own. Surely many will wonder what I am talking about when I speak about the deception caused by the economy of the euro zone. It is that you only the crisis erupted, many believed that we were against the end of the global leadership of the American economy and with it against the end of the dominance of the dollar as the leading currency. Before the vacuum which would lead to the fall of the United States.UU. as a world leader, in the euro area, which hinted some consolidation after almost a decade working as such, promised to take this leadership. In this context, the euro emerged as the new strong currency capable of challenging the leadership of the dollar.

Digital Journalism

In this article will comment you the example of a young woman that achievement get their own home. She is Kelly Johana Diaz is 24 years old and lives in Bogota, Colombia. Dean Ornish M.D often addresses the matter in his writings. She is a mother, head of home and enterprising. Juan Jose Posada Uribe, Social Communicator specializing in Digital Journalism, public on Wednesday 16 March 2011 in his blog an interview with Kelly Johana. she exposes and says that based on constancy and saving achieving its objective. Mentions that he feels weird having your own home after years as tenant, i.e. Visit Stabilis Capital New York for more clarity on the issue. paying rent for his house. He followed the example of his mother about the craft of making and now has dedicated to this rowing. The video shows testimony from several women who work for her and express his admiration his achievement age get their house. He got his own house through the National Fund for saving their country. In a mode called: voluntary savings. This program promotes the culture of the savings of the population not unbanked, becoming a financial that opens up opportunities for access to housing in Colombia. Loans granted are directed towards those people who have met the main condition of the program: Save on a regular basis; weekly, biweekly or monthly for 12 months, in addition to fulfilling other requirements. Applies to the purchase of used home (70% of the value), new (80% of the value), construction on own lot or pair improvements in existing buildings. The payment period shall be between 5 and 30 years, the monthly payments will depend on the economic and financial situation of the person concerned. These monthly payments are fixed. Like all program has particularities and certainly opinions and positive and negative experiences. Please note that depending on your age and your personal finances is very important, in the case of Kelly Johana could commit to a long-term financing because of their age. Each case must be studied. It seems very successful they spread this story. It is necessary to know these examples and confirm that the savings, investment and constancy will always be good habits and better even when comes to achieve home ownership. I invite you to look for similar programs in your country and that you get all the information of your interest. It analyzes if serves you, if you can apply, visit makers and talk with them. You think that you can take a good surprise and with the money that you now spend on rent or on other things you can start a savings and investment plan and match financings similar to who has worked at Kelly Johana. What do you think? Until the next. Jose Luis, your architect online.

Interim Manager

Further examples are listed in the following list which managers justify the use of an interim: offices open relocation restructuring mergers insolvency bridging of vacancies change management outsourcing launching new products introduction of new production processes change of production processes range extensions, cleanup conflict management support of specialists and managers implementing concepts which has advantages a company of an interim management? The major theme in the company is still reducing costs. Staff costs fixed costs. You may find The Cleveland Clinic to be a useful source of information. So you focus on all the flexibility possibilities, especially in the area of personnel resource usage. The demand-oriented personnel with associated appropriate remuneration is limited without further management possible, and clear definition of the objectives. Manager reinforce interim as highly qualified specialists for a pre-determined time in the existing management team. “” The benefits read up to represent views as follows: Interim Manager advises not only, but also to tackle “his gaze from the outside can rethink traditional has experience from other companies and industries often addresses problems objectively and without prejudice is not in internal games” involved motivated existing employees by sharing his knowledge focusing on the target, as usage time previously defined the benefits of using an interim flexible in use immediate availability manager is, with tackle that this not only advises and created concepts, but in the day-to-day business. “He recognizes more traditional factors (we did always so, that there is with us forever” etc.) and causes schmerzfreier “a change. Due to its Stakes in various companies and industries, he brings great experience potential and can tackle without prejudice any problem. conclusion. He is not in any internal power struggles and skirmishes”involved. During the cooperation, an incentive for existing employees and thus a team motivated in many areas arises often. Also, managers can quickly to the given situations to adapt, to identify problems and to focus on the solutions so professionally are interim.

The Level

However, the jumps in the waves have been arranged exclusively with ispytatelskimi goals. In 'peacetime', in the presence on board unprepared passengers, this weather is better to keep the speed of 30-40 km / h – in this case and move fast, and completely comfortable. And if necessary to maintain planing mode only at 23-24 km / h – although narrower than 'Rainbow' gidrolyzhu, the lift is still not in short supply. We will assume that the load 'Katran' must be managed well – although, as shown by the subsequent test phase, the word 'good' sounds far too modest. When the passport passenger 4 persons. with a 70-horsepower engine we got on plane all seven, and each of the passengers with reduced speed apothecary accuracy rate of only 1-1.5 km / h! The only an overloaded boat with a motor started slightly unfolded delfinirovat, and sitting in the front cockpit of a couple of times have their portion of the spray – but let's not forget the conditions under which the tests were conducted. Successful projects will not resume die. The proven hull of the Soviet era, though in a modernized version, has once again proved its viability. And the boat itself, and the level of performance rather 'low' (even 'Lux', be honest – this is not "Luxury"), but the same 'unit' principle of the creation of modifications to allow the shipyard to minimize costs and, consequently, the final price, in today's tough times, many only be welcomed..

CreaLog Receives TuV Certification

Certification according to ISO 9001 and 14001 Munich, April 7, 2011 after an again successful recertification of quality management according to norm ISO 9001:2008 the Munich-based voice received Portal specialist CreLog ( now also the prestigious TuV Seal for the enterprise-wide implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001. So CreLog is committed to the importance of a corporate environmental policy for service-providing companies. Already for some time, the extensive requirements of the European standard be implemented in practice. The current standard ISO 14001:2004 the concept is based on a continuous improvement in environmental management, regularly reported. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The reduction of the energy consumption is one of the first steps of a sustainable environmental policy. In the field of waste management, recycling of electronics components and other consumer goods as well as the separation of waste in the foreground are – in addition to the general reduction of waste volume -. Contact information is here: The Cleveland Clinic. New company cars must especially consumption and be low in pollutants. “Brigitte Sohl, quality – and environmental management officer at CreLog is pleased: TuV received CreLog special praise for the establishment of a special legal cadastre, which commented on the CreLog relevant environmental regulations and laws.” All CreLog employees are required to comply with the standards and guidelines, the management continuously monitors the implementation and the achievement of the environmental objectives set. The environmental guidelines by CreLog found on the Internet under: de/ueberuns/umweltmanagement-umwelterklaerung.htm about CreLog with references in 29 countries is CreLog of leader in voice dialogue solutions in Europe. The CreLog VoiceXML platform is completely web manageable and is located at over 400 customers in more than 30 sectors in use – with a total of about 55,000 installed lines. Banks and insurance companies as well as utilities and public administration, telecommunications and media companies are among the users. Adjust voice portals crealog Highest level of dialog quality based on natural language ‘ speech safe. You are able to identify a large number of words and whole sentences in 44 languages and intelligent process. CreLog portals also support the very human sounding speech synthesis of leading provider. The CreLog voice portal, unified messaging – and CTI-solutions for carriers and corporate clients received in 2005 and 2006 the best of CeBit Award”- among other things for interactive voice video response’. “In the years 2008 and 2009, there were several awards for CreLog: – the best of CeBit Award” for the natural language information and FAQ solution Voicebot ‘, – the voice Award 2008 best enterprise services’ for the banking of HypoVereinsbank, a further award as the winner in the voice Contest 2008 for the smart cab call Cabfish’- and 2009 the Silver Award for ELVIS’, the voice-activated Internet radio for mobile devices.

PCI Augsburg GmbH

Stoneware and porcelain stoneware coverings quickly and comfortably equipped with Nano line PCI Augsburg GmbH has for more than 10 years a proven product line in the program, which is ideal thanks to innovative cementitious mortar technology for laying of tiles surfaces with a high optical standard. Now for the first time, at this year’s BAU in Munich, the company introduces the newest member of the product line for the jointing in particular of porcelain stoneware and porcelain stoneware surfaces in indoor and outdoor. PCI Nanofug premium belongs to a new generation of intelligent products by PCI. Special: He combines processing comfort with many positive features for fabricators and builders. And in 17 brilliant color and a fine, functional interface that requires significantly less cleaning effort thanks to easy-to-clean effect. With PCI Nanofug premium we take into account the requirements of tendencies in the materials currently available in the market”, explains Thorsten Leppler, PCI product manager Fliesenverlege materials. The Cleveland Clinic might disagree with that approach. Stoneware asserts itself more and more. And not only on the ground. So that it can continue when unfavorable temperature or time-distressed working at this non-absorbent material with an extremely low water absorption, quickly, the practice demands more and more fast-setting systems. The comfortable processing profile should not suffer the speed but. The task is difficult but not insurmountable: the result is PCI Nanofug premium. “By the way: Nanofug premium is a genuine all-rounder, which is ideally suited for coloration-resistant natural stone such as its sister product PCI Nanofug”. The highlight: The comfortable processing profile. So is the grout for joints suitable from 1 to 10 mm, offers a moderate processing time of 40 minutes for processors and allows himself thanks to fine and supple consistency particularly easy in the joint work. Furthermore, scores the grout with a quick down binding behavior and at the same time comfortable washing time window.


It is very common that many things do not go as we planned them or perhaps despite our efforts still do not see culminated our goals and desires, it is normal to feel some degree of discouragement, but we should lift us with energy and positivism. For many people that we know the law of attraction we know that when we fall into an emotional state negative on many occasions it will happen that that is the message that we send to the universe, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between good or bad simply receives some information and processes it. Knowing this information is extremely important to avoid pessimism and renege by the things in the book the power to transform our lives of ANDREW CORENTT teaches us the powerful processes of positive affirmations to achieve that our life is full of enormous satisfaction, and thus we can achieve wonderful things, through reading this book you will be able change your subconscious expectations and can transform your lifethe triumphs touched its door. When that idea that beautiful things, affirm us We like it takes more energy and both insist she take power and will manifest again and again bringing us a life full joy. Now think of all the things that we have to be grateful, we look to our around and let’s look at the power of creation, let’s look at the technological wonders that we have at this time and imagine all that we are able to perform once we intend something seriously. We read and study great examples of perseverance and you notice as millions of people with much worse conditions early in life that we have achieved extraordinary things, but began taking an essential step and it is appreciation, overcoming all what has put them as a barrier. Everytime we are thankful we send a powerful message to the mind, feel great welfare and then are able to create what we yearn for, he is never giving up, each attainment implies a price, a sacrifice, but the results are phenomenal.

The Receiver

The windings are isolated from each other and from the magnetic circuit. Winding higher winding voltage is higher voltage (HV) winding and low voltage – low voltage winding (LV). Winding included in the net electrical energy source, called the primary, winding from which energy is supplied to the receiver – the secondary. Typically, the voltage of the primary and secondary windings are not identical. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. If the primary voltage is less than the secondary, the transformer is increased if more of the secondary – Lowering. Any transformer can be used as a boost, and buck like. Step-up transformers are used to transmit electricity over long distances, and lowering – for its distribution among consumers. In winding transformer magnetic core is placed on three isolated from each other by winding. Such a transformer, fed from one of the windings makes it possible to obtain two different voltages and to supply electricity to two different groups of receivers. In addition to winding higher and lower voltage winding transformer has a winding of medium voltage (MV). Transformer is attached mostly cylindrical in shape, running them at low currents of round copper insulated wire, and at high currents – from the copper bars of rectangular cross section closer to the magnetic coil have lower voltage, because it is easier to isolate from it, than the higher voltage winding. Low voltage winding is isolated from the core layer of a material izolirovochnogo. The same insulating pad is placed between the windings of higher and lower voltage.


This will help the Suppression of appetite and increase your rate of metabolism, causing you burn more fat without the need for excessive physical exertion. 4. Reduce your consumption of calories without deprivation. To do this, gradually reducing the amount of calories that you get in a small amount each day. Please note that it will not begin to lose weight until you reach the point in which burning more calories than ingest every day. This phased approach will help reduce itching and eating compulsively, that clearly puts you right at the point where it started. 5. You want to start exercising regularly. This does not have to be somewhat excessive, just do it: perform exercises outside is the most effective way to lose weight and improve your overall health. Diets for themselves can help you to lose some weight, but are unable to improve their strength, fitness, flexibility, mental state and help achieve many other benefits in the way that exercise does regulate. In addition, the exercise is another technique to increase your metabolism, which, once more, helps you burn fat additional in less time. 6 Sleep well, a good night’s sleep. Sleep is one of the best tips for quick weight loss. Most do not understand the power of having slept enough. It is vital to your overall weight loss plan. Medical research has shown that sleep deprivation would lead to hunger, and improve appetite. This often results in overeating. In the same way, have one enough of at least 8 hours sleep aid to bring the balance at the level of leptin and weight loss aid. It should be the focus and determination needed to achieve permanent weight loss. There are many ways that a person can choose to lose weight. The problem is that the diet and exercise only for some people still is not enough, and can demoralize you and leave of struggling to achieve their weight loss goals. For many people changing your diet, exercising and taking nutritional supplements or products to lose weight in combination can be the perfect answer for weight loss.