River Canyon

Then divide the camp and spend the night. In the morning, after breakfast, climbing Dolgorukovskoj jajlu. After a brief transition before us will be the Glory Mound (here during World War ii guerrilla camp was located). Then again on Yaila, then, falls into the canyon of the river Burul'cha. From the canyon trail will lead us to a plateau Orta Syrt. During the war there was a partisan airfield. Then go down to the tract of the Su-Am. Here, near the spring, – Overnight. In the morning we proceed to the pearl of Crimea – a waterfall Jur-Jur. The road will be relaxed – we go around the plateau to the top of Table Mountain, with its south-eastern side. Going down a few times our eyes would be open views of the gorge Haphal And then, finally, we see the purpose of our trip – Waterfalls Jur-Jur. Jur-Jur (murmuring) – the most powerful and unique scenic waterfall in the Crimea. It does not dry out even in the driest years. And was formed as a result of the waters of the Eastern Ulu-Uzen that falls from the hundred-meter height of a three-stage threshold. From the limestone ledge in the gloom of the deep gorge is slowly slipping from a 15-m high water jet, and a broad 5-meter steep stream rushes down a deep pit, and then rush into the mainstream River. Waterfall on the right is its name – babbling. Water in it does not rattle, no noise, namely rushing. In the Middle Ages, the Greeks called it Kremasto-Nero – a hanging water. The area around it is similar to the scenery to the epic "Lord of Rings: huddled around a waterfall covered with moss or densely overgrown with ivy rocks, surging up almost sheer wooded slopes. Vegetation here reign hornbeam, beech, oak, linden, mountain ash, dogwood, there are sites two centuries forests, where there are sessile oak, Crimean pine. If you make a sortie in the upper reaches of the waterfall along the river about a mile, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the rapids, cascades (penultimate and last have a height of 28 and 60 m). Nearby is a cave Jur-Jur length of 750 meters. After visiting the waterfall can be reached by the generals to the sea in the village. Solnechnogorskoe where to enjoy all the benefits of recreation on the beaches of the Black Sea after 3 day hike through the mountains. The sea here is shallow, warm and gentle, soft beach shingle. Feel and see is all you can in our 3-day tour 3-3 'from waterfall to waterfall' on the route Simferopol – Perevalnoe – Kizil Koba – Su uchhan – Mound of Glory – Burul'cha River Canyon – Plateau Orta Syrt – Tract Su Am – / Waterfall Djur Djur – Alushta – Simferopol The article draws the following publications: 1.T. Volkova, V. . Crimea. Personal guide .- Simferopol: pe sn Publishers PoliPRESS Co., Ltd, 2002. This and much more about the attractions and travel to the Crimea you can find on our site

Electric Pumps

Mechanism itself is a pump with electric placed in a sealed enclosure. In other parts of his refrigerator connect two tubes – one hole for the suction or input, and another – an opening for discharge, or exit. Now equipped with refrigerators, one or two compressors. It depends on the model. You can not always detect the presence of two compressors in the refrigerator. Chambers-then maybe two, but with them calmly handle a cooling compressor. The problem is that this mechanism odnokompressornyh refrigerators are much more powerful and therefore may be noisier than any of his dvuhkompressornyh similar machines. But it all depends on the specific model and it is possible that after all two compressors will publish more noise than one. More information is housed here: Professor Roy Taylor. Advantage dvuhkompressornyh units that the user has the ability to independently set the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. And if you decided to go somewhere, you can easily disable one of the chambers, leaving the work to another. Thus, you save electricity. With thermoelectric cooling current passes through thermoelectric elements. In During this process, the part of the thermoelectric plates, which are located inside the chamber is cooled. And those who are outside the chamber, are heated. That is, cooling is due to the semiconductor thermoelectric elements. But the refrigerator with the cooling, as a rule, small size, do not have the freezer and used in small offices, in cars, on boats and yachts. As already mentioned above, Most modern refrigerators cooling is carried out by means of compressors. Noise should probably raise the question of noise refrigerator. Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). The lower the value, the quieter work your refrigeration unit. On average, single-chamber refrigerator, the figure is 40-43 dB, and a two-chamber – 40-45 dB. In general, the noise that comes from the refrigerator while it is running, almost imperceptible to the ear.