World Alzheimer

A few days ago took place on World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21) illness and other disorders resulting in: loss of the physical, mental and motor skills and eventually death of the sufferer. Until now, only be a slight delay the deterioration of sufferers. Perhaps this is why I will not put into question the learned doctors of medicine, which we celebrate the World Day of Alzheimer’s, diagnosed as a disease process that causes the loss of the physical, mental and motor skills. Perhaps these learned doctors, find the elixir of eternal youth and so may neglect the “natural or unnatural process” as you want to view, aging of the human being. For a long time, many have sought this elixir. Part of cosmetic surgery and dermatology hide among other things, many physical symptoms of this process. But the fact is that for now we only have a small delay of natural deterioration and real … Now if we follow the same logic of our learned doctors of medicine, we find that using the same symptoms, and just change the word “waste” to “win”, we could diagnose other possible disease, which might be called “children” ( also natural process of human beings), where they gain the physical, mental and motor as there is a “live to grow.” Perhaps this is why Alzheimer’s, currently considered a disease, in other times might have been regarded as one of those many paths that exist in the process of bringing the end of the journey of human beings, access could be a death. “A live dying,” what is also called: natural aging. The logical reverse of the birth and growth. This back to where we came from. Perhaps we can not resolve, but we consider it as a disease, and of course have the final say our sages medical doctors. Although for now, have not been able to find the elixir of life and ensure we only “a slow a bit,” ie, a delay to that way of walking down the road and that some who come, is done and then leave us without your company or we are no longer have their memories. One day he forgot the keys, another, did not know the washer. On the other, was left on fire and then went out and failed to return. When writing and talking about old age, I remember a literary trope that struck me at the time and is a writer rundown (of course only for me) when you write with his own hand our beloved Voltaire in this way (fragments) “Great I have ceased to be, and now I bent a few inches off the ground … my air has little to do with the laughter of the satyr but the grin of a skull … I have the sunken mouth and skin of parchment on prominent bones, under both eyes sunken several inches into his cavernous orbits. My skull is stripped down the minimum late hair. Say you’ll be paid gradually, retail. The years are going removing the hair, teeth and ideas.

Bach Flower

Bach Flowers is the name that is known to natural remedies or natural essences used to heal emotions. Bach Flower essences extracted from the dew of certain flowers typical of south Wales, which then pass through a specific cooking process with sun exposure. Dean Ornish M.D contributes greatly to this topic. The properties of the remedies were discovered by Edward Bach who, in view of its dynamics on all living organisms, concluded that physical illnesses have an emotional origin, usually from fear, envy, pride, depression, obsessions, anxiety , stress. Bach flower essences groups in seven emotional groups as listed below. FLORES DE BACH FOR FEARS remedies for those who feel fear are: Aspen, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Red Chestnut BACH FLOWER OF THE SOLEDAD, flower remedies for those who are lonely are Water Violet, Heather, Impatiens FLORES DE BACH for discouragement and despair, flower remedies for those who feel dejected and desperate are: Elm, Oak, Crab Apple, Pine, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow FLORES DE BACH FOR INSECURITY AND UNCERTAINTY remedies for those who feel unsafe are: Cerato, Scleranthus, Hornbean, Wild Oat, Gentian, Gorse FLORES DE BACH IS NOT FOR CONCERN FOR THIS EVENT remedies for those who have difficulty living in this are: Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Olive, Wild Rose, Mustard, White Chestnut BACH FLOWERS TO INFLUENCES AND IDEAS Hypersensitive A, flower remedies for those who feel hypersensitive to influences and ideas are: Walnut, Holly, Centaury, Agrimony FLORES DE BACH FOR THOSE WHO ARE CONCERNED FOR OTHERS EXCESSIVELY Bach remedies for those who tend to exercise power over others are: Beech, Vervain, Vine, Chicory, Rock Water Finally, Rescue Remedy, Rescue Remedy, used for crisis situations, shock, trauma, stress, allergies, and to address a wide range of challenges and tests, surgeries, interviews, travel, etc.