Stimulated Patient

The stimulated patient precociously walked with 1,5 years of age, already the stimulated patient did not start to walk with four years of age. Then, he is since same that of slower form, the child with SD can reach standards of mature movements when stimulated. Fidle (2005) remembers that Bronfenbrenner was one of the first ones to debate that a precocious intervention is much more effective if the family will be an influential asset in the practical one of the treatment. Studies of stimulation that had included envolvement of the parents had indicated a more positive result in the development of the child with SD, while intervention studies who do not involve parents had been less efficient. The precocious stimulation is used not alone it motor development to be also applied directly in what it says to the global development of the SD. This if of because precocious stimulation is based on the periods of training of the normal psicomotor development (DPMN), having for final objective to balance the delay in the global development, or to minimize, to reduce already the existing ones, thus making to approach the normal development the more significant values, results, searching an improvement in the quality of life. It was observed that the well executed stimulation can establish the development of the carrying child, minimizing its difficulties and promote the possibility of better answers. The method Neuroevolutivo de Bobath is one of most appropriate for the treatment of the children with SD for being compatible with the objectives of the work carried through in children. It was also seen that the work of postural correction is carried through in children through ortopdicos methods and global postural re-education, as Isostretching and RPG. Knowing of the biomechanic difficulties of the carriers of Syndrome of Down, and its respiratory complications it comes being implanted in the program of treatment of these patients, Pilates, that if constitute of a series of physical exercises that aims at the allonge and the re-education of the movements, thus promoting an increase of flexibility, increase of the muscular force, exercises these that improve the respiratory action, being respiratory system one of the main ones affected by the agravos present in these carrying people of this syndrome, and also possess resulted in the correction of the position and motor reduction of delay, since the executed exercises allow corporal adjustments, control of the static balance and dynamic, beyond the improvement of the ample and fine motor coordination.

Commercial Center

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