Anger Victims

Domestic violence is considered any type of aggression. For who the suffering and always intense and drawn out is forcene, especially in children, therefore, they count on little physical and psychological resources for its defense. Some studies disclose that children and adolescents have high risk to develop different mannering problems, psychological and neurobiolgicos as consequence of the traumatic experiences. The violence leaves negative, registered marks in first infancy, can reflect in the formation of a delinquent adult and violent, the studies with some tricks of children victims of physical violence, disclose traumas left for these aggressions and the lack of affection. The children victims of domestic physical violence for times had used the toys of not conventional form. With a specialist if she only gets result, being that the treatment has a good result in first infancy until the seven years.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a disease considered as chronic, basically characterized by an uncontrollable growth in the figures of blood pressure in the arteries of the body. This disease is closely associated with mortality rates and therefore, is considered hypertension is one of the most important problems of public health, especially in developed countries. Although hypertension is a disease that has affected nearly one billion people and that if not detected early it can pursue extremely serious complications, is an extremely easy to detect disease. Arterial hypertension of silent way, causes changes in blood flow level macrovascular and microvascular level, which in turn, are the product of a dysfunction in the inner lining of the blood vessels of the body, remodeling the arterioles wall. Arterioles in turn, are responsible for maintaining the peripheral vascular balance. Although in reality there is a boundary between the risk and the safety of the pressure from the Agency, according to international consensus, reached the conclusion that over 193 mm systolic and diastolic greater than 89 mm, are associated with increased risk of high blood pressure..

Fundraising in the context of the swine flu vaccination – fundraiser during the swine flu vaccination for charities – Rico Gross and Sven Ottke support the fundraiser – initiated by Dr. Rainer Muller-Horner and Manuel Reuter Furth. YES, WE HAVE \”?\” Of course, the vaccination against the new flu H1N1, commonly known as swine flu\”! The subject awakens first controversial reactions. In recent weeks there were and are still fierce discussions about the pros and cons of this flu vaccinations. However, this is for Dr. med. Rainer Muller-Horner, former athletes and head of the Bavarian Olympic base at the EuromedClinic Furth, no reason for a refusal of this preventive measure. The greater the vaccinated population, will lower the dispersion degree of flu in the population develops. The H1N1 virus also shows! the tendency to mutations of the virus strain previously known\” Thus, the risk of pandemics grow, so the physician. The fundraiser under the logo of the vaccinated pig but why? We want to set a charity sign with this action\”, said the Opel brand ambassadors and motor sport expert Manuel Reuter. The difficulties with the information about the swine flu and the availability of vaccines show how complex it is even in our developed economies to afford health care. In emerging and developing countries health care does not take place practically like a flu vaccination. Thus growing. but also the risk of pandemics and mutation of viruses\” And the population cannot avoid a pandemic. The funny logo of the action will be a buying incentive for all the participating in the swine flu vaccine. There are more than 30 million patients in Germany alone. If we encourage even a smaller portion thereof for the acquisition of the PINs with 4.95 EURO, we can achieve a great deal the donations\”, so Dr. Muller-Horner. Of course, the vaccination is not required for the Acquisition of the PINs.