Ambient Education

Atlantic Mata, the ambient Crimes and the fight for preservation of the Muriqui monkey. Eder Wolney of the Roza Gonalves Pupil of disciplines Fauna of the course of Specialization in Ambient Education of the UFSM. SUMMARY This study had as objective the collection of data on Atlantic Mata, its state when of the settling, the aggressions suffered throughout the time, its wealth and its culture to point out, inside of this context, the fight for the survival of one of the biggest symbols of this bush, the monkey muriqui, the superficial knowledge of the ambient legislation that deals with to the fauna and the flora, and some of the possible ways for the implantation of a sustainable development in this kills. The destruction had a devastador effect on the animals of Atlantic Mata. More than the half of the 633 threatened of extinguishing lives in the forest, case of muriqui, the biggest primate of Americas. Bigger symbol of Atlantic Mata, the monkey muriqui represents as few the impact of five centuries of uninterrupted devastao of the forest. They is esteem that at the time of the discovery, the population of this primate was of 400 a thousand units. Today two a thousand units exist approximately: true survivors of the almost extermnio one of its natural habitat. The monkey is endemic of Atlantic Mata, therefore muriqui is pointed by the specialists as one of the five Brazilian primates in bigger risk of extinguishing. National efforts, as much of governmental entities how much of particular, to save the primate who seemed convicted to the disappearance they come being determinative for its conservation. The sensitization of the State, of the ambientalistas, studious and living, how much to the question of the preservation of the way and it primate is possible, since she has a good will in adopting new ambiently more healthful habits, with the use of practical pedagogical of ambient education.

Radiators And Convectors Heating

HTML clipboard Radiators and convectors, radiators and convectors heating – the main heaters in our homes. In the common people call them batteries. These devices generate heat in the house when it's average temperature becomes less acceptable. The difference between the radiators and convectors not such a big – and they both give off heat flowing through them, water is heated in a boiler room, the air around them. Warm air is lighter goes up and by convection (hence, by the way, and the name of the device – convector) mixed with the cold, supports a circular movement of air in the apartment. The quality of this mix, its speed, as well as heat from occupied units in the area of the room is heavily dependent on the shape and size of the particular heater. Here lies the difference between the convector radiator (this will be discussed more below). Radiator water heating system (or simply heating radiator) – the most ancient heater. His appearance has changed little over the past few decades. Previously, such abstruse words and did not know just call these radiators – battery. This is in general, and is battery-water heating. Is a cast iron (usually) tank, sealed with the exception of places in and out of the liquid (in the apartments – water). Depending on the area heated is made up of several sections. The documentation indicated on the radiator heat or power of one section in the flow of water in it a certain temperature.

Roberto Carlos

Although the empirical character of the musicoterapia, we do not menosprezamos the scientific aspects technician and who music possesss. Objective This work has as objective to tell the experience of implantation of a group of musicalizao for aged next to a center of convivncia of aged, in the south zone of the city of So Paulo, SP. Method and Development Initially, a plan of allusive activities to the fonador device was elaborated, that is, to the general physical part, and lectures, detailed to follow: Sessions of muscular and mental relaxation; Relaxation of the fonador device and vocal preheating; Basic slight knowledge of musical theory given in accordance with the characteristic of the group of aged gifts, have seen the particularitities evidentes; Use of folclricas musics, sertanejas, of the young guard, MPB and others; Active participation of the group, with some touching violo and others singing; Therapy I hug of it; Lectures on rights of aged and the sexuality in the third age. Beyond the strategies above adopted, the following materials and resources had been used: Violo; Folders I contend the letters of musics; Pertaining physical space to the local church; Aid of some ACSs. The activities of the group of musicalizao are carried through weekly, always to the thursday, of 9h30 until 10h45. It is initiated welcome with warm to the gifts and, after that, it is considered muscular allonge and mental relaxation. After this, it has exercises of specific relaxation of fonador device e, consequentemente, the vocal preheating. Some points of notion of musical theory are explained, then, initiate the assay of musics chosen for the gifts in the occasion of the first day of assay, as, for example, White Wing, of Gonzaga Luiz, As my love for you is great, of Roberto Carlos, India, If this street was mine, Seresteiro of the Nights, of Loved Baptist, the Swallows, of the Hard Stop Trio, Road of the Life, Milionrio and Rich Jose, among others choices.