Cerebral Functions

The Human being created to the image and similarity of the Universal God, cannot be imprisoned the 27 cerebral functions, therefore of the Apstolos that were said men common, it is written: It are the light of the world. If he cannot hide the city built on a mount; According to Francisco Jose Gall, the creator of the Frenologia, the Science that teaches to discover the character and the trends of an individual for the examination of lumps or irregularities of the skull, 27 were the cerebral functions, therefore the instincts, the inclinations and the moral qualities of great number of individuals be situated there. Spurzheim increased the number for 35 and Cubi y Soler raised the same for 47. LIGHT OF WORLD 15 – nor if it lights a candeia to underneath place it of alqueire, but in the velador, and alumia to all the ones that if find in the house. Evangelho de JESUS According to Mateus, CAP. 5:15. The Human being cannot only be studied by the cerebral functions flesh times, because it is Spirit. IT IS NOT ONLY MEAT 16 – Thus your light ahead of the men shines also, so that they see your good workmanships and they glorify your Father who is in skies. Evangelho de JESUS According to Mateus, CAP. 5:16. If JESUS, orders to glorify them the Father who is in Skies, them is not children only flesh times, but Beings Spirituals that will be come close to the Largeness of GOD. This I affirm, brothers, who meat and blood cannot inherit the GOD kingdom, nor the corruption to inherit the incorrupo. senthal Northland. First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. 15:50.Somebody can imagine the Luminosity of GOD? If It generated children with its endows, logically is infinite the cerebral functions of the Human being. Exactly coated for a meat body, the Spirit is present with its infinite functions. As can somebody only study a person for the material side, if proper it is endowed with something that the material set does not explain? The thinking human being; If the thought is quicker than the light, then cerebral functions where if they locate Intelligence cannot be so restricted. They say that the Man alone uses 10% of its mental college, and already reaches an immense visible universe. Then, when to advance in the invisible universe will widen much more it its reasoning. 100 billion nerve cells Will be that this cellular army is completely idle with as much thing to know itself? E, when this corruptvel body if to coat with incorruptibilidade, and what is mortal if to coat with immortality, then, the word will be marked that is written: Swallowed it was the death for the victory. First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. 15:54. The Human being is gentleman of a Perpetual Life, but for not using the ways that have for its ascension in the Good, it continues with the company of the death. The more it to exaggerate and to know themselves, will know GOD and defeat da death. Where is, death, your victory? Where it is, the death, your sting? First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. 15:55. The person when she unmasks the mysteries of its somatic body, starts to know the largeness of its Spirit, that commands occultly it, and finishes with the part deceased that has in itself.

Action Diameter

Well, of course, one of the most important characteristics in the marking of binoculars – is the multiplicity, or an increase (Magnification) and the diameter of the objective lens (Objective Lens Diametr). For example, consider a pair of binoculars nikon Action 10×50 cf, where: Nikon – producer of Action – Category Binoculars Nikon 10×50 – Increase (multiplicity) and the diameter of the objective lens cf – the central focus. Thus, the first digit in the title – the magnification. It shows how many times the subject is seen in the larger field of view with binoculars than without it. In our case, the binoculars can increase the subjects 10 times. That is, if, prior to object of 100 meters, then to see him in a 10-fold binoculars you will, as though to him 10 yards. However, do not chase the high multiplicity of binoculars, because the more the increase, the narrower field of view and the more stringent condition shall be binoculars for observation, for example, using a tripod. without increasing the magnification 10x There are binoculars with variable multiplicity (zoom, zoom) for example, nikon Action 10-22×50 cf Zoom. These binoculars have a variable magnification of the binoculars at it from 10 to 22 times that significantly closer image of the object. These binoculars are good for its versatility, but I must admit, losing the picture quality conventional binoculars. The second number on the body of the binoculars – the lens diameter lens. This is the lens diameter on the back side of the binoculars – that is, the lenses, which do not look.


This relation with the food starts in the primary relations mother-baby, but the life in all folloies the individual for all its affective relations. (FRANQUES, 2006, P. 64). In this direction, the fact of the person to attribute affection to the act to eat can have relation with distortions of the affection since the first months of our life, being that many times the child is crying in function of some discomforts, cold, or to only ask for attention of the mother and this for not knowing to interpret this I cry, offers the seio as compensation form. In this way, feeding itself acquires meant ampler of what the satisfaction and can be understood as a form to alliviate other discomforts, eating compulsory also can be a search for filling an emptiness, a feeling of insatisfao, anxiety, nervousness. The ALIMENTARY RE-EDUCATION According to manual technician of promotion of the health and prevention of risks and illnesses in the suplemental health (ANS, 2007. P. 18) ' ' the promotion of the healthful feeding aims at to contribute for the prevention and the control of illnesses as the obesidade, diabetes, hipertenso, cancer, among others ' '. The alimentary re-education is an instrument of great importance in the maintenance of the weight and quality of life, moreover, means a change permanent, being able to be necessary some time so that the person if accustoms it. Its effect are of great value, the vitality increase and the loss of weight establishes a powerful incentive to insist, exactly that 0ccasional slips occur. As Rotenberg and Vargas (2004) the alimentary education, exerts a paper of great importance in relation to the transformation process and changes of alimentary habits, providing to the individual, knowledge necessary so that it has the possibility to acquire, healthy and varied alimentary practical habits and. GROUP OF ALIMENTARY RE-EDUCATION the group of alimentary re-education has as objective to contribute so that the participants understand its alimentary behaviors, making with that they recognize its corporal image, with the purpose to improve thus auto-they esteem, the self-control and mainly to modify the alimentary habits, not only momentarily, but to elapse it of the life.