Alexander Chernin

In recent years, newspaper and magazine articles began to appear on the warming of the earth and frequent cataclysms, radio talks and television vividly demonstrates these effects. Several scientists attribute these disasters to the warming. The fact that global warming is a reality of our days and shows held in Copenhagen forum on global warming of almost all nations of the earth. On the causes of global warming, scientists divided into two groups. The first group believes the warming of the excess emission of carbon and other greenhouse gases and the formation of the screen – for these gases. Those scientists most. Other a group of scientists at least proves conclusively that carbon dioxide does not cause warming, and explains all the past periods and cycles of cooling and warming periods of solar activity, the properties atmosphere in the troposphere, the claim that soon chill. In this article we attempt, while not rejecting the cause of global warming – a greenhouse gas, to draw people's attention on more important, in my opinion, the cause of global warming on Earth. Previously would have to bring some information from astronomy and physics. Astrophysicist Alexander Chernin, in his book 'Stars and Physics', Moscow, 'Science', in 1984 wrote that the sun is in our spiral Galaxy in the disk at a distance of about two-thirds of the radius from the center. According to some data, it is between two branches of the spiral. During the rotation of the Galaxy The Sun has a speed of 220 – 250 km / sec.